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4 ways to prime your rental property for late-summer vacations

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
August 18, 2016

A relaxing, cozy venue for family time becomes a priority for some travelers in the late summer months.

When school is out and the weather is warm, that’s prime time for family vacations. But while typical rental hosts thrive during these peak periods of demand, it’s often tougher to optimize revenue during the late-summer months of August and September. To succeed during this season, you need a dedicated plan for preparing and marketing your property.

Let’s look at some ways you can prime and promote your rental property to attract vacationers in late-summer.

Plan and Emphasize Recreation

During the peak summer months, many rental hosts let the weather do the work. People travel looking for nice temps, beaches and other opportunities for outdoor relaxation.

During late-summer trips, families have more interest in planned recreation. The weather is still mild in many climates, allowing for outdoor fun. Take advantage of on-site or nearby amenities and plan boating or rafting excursions, fishing events, hikes and scenic tours. Promote access to recreation near your property in your marketing materials as well.

Promote the Peace

Some would-be travelers avoid vacations in early-to-mid-summer because they don’t want to deal with the crowds. To attract these guests during August and September, point to the declining tourist population and the ability to move about without the congestion.

Include peace, quiet and relaxation benefits in your promotional messages. Highlight downtime and low-stress advantages that help people refresh after a busy start to fall and the return to school. Town-centric properties along beaches remain strong in the late summer, but there is increased interest for properties in rugged, outdoor settings in August and September too.

Maximize the Weekend Getaway

Travelers also look more for the weekend getaway as opposed to the week-long vacation during late summer months. Prepare packages and consider discounts that lure people for extended three or four day weekend getaways.

Weekend travelers rely on your ability to deliver an efficient experience. Prepare your facilities and staff for quick check-ins and easy scheduling. Given the already limited vacation timeline, don’t let any hassles or bottlenecks impede the experience of your guests. By delivering a quality getaway, you encourage people to return for late-summer trips in the future.

Leverage the Back-to-School Season

Rather than fighting against the season, use it to your advantage. As parents contemplate the end of summer, back-to-school preparations and school shopping are on their minds. Create materials and messages highlighting great venues in your market for clothes and school supply shopping. Include mentions of niche products or special sales.

It is convenient for some families to efficiently fit their shopping needs into their vacations, while also gaining access to unique products they can’t get at home.


Rental hosts need to adjust offerings and promotional strategies to match the preferences of travelers during specific seasons. The interests of late-summer vacationers are quite different from those of people vacationing during peak summer months. Leverage on-site and off-site resources and speak to the benefits your targeted guests seek!

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