6 tips to create drool worthy photos of your rental property

When searching for accommodations, travelers’ first point of contact with properties are always their pictures. Most online marketplaces highlight your pictures above all else; search results with unattractive photos are scrolled past, so it is important that your pictures effectively hook guests into clicking on your listing.

We highly recommend taking professional photographs of your space. The money spent on a photographer will certainly come back to you with a higher booking rate and more consistent interest in your space.  If you are planning to list your space on Airbnb, they will send a professional to take pictures of your property free of charge.

Of course, sometimes getting professional photos just isn’t possible. For those of you doing this yourselves, here’s how to get those perfect pictures:

1. Use Light to Your Advantage

When photographing your space, make sure you get as much light in the space as possible. Well-lit spaces seem bigger and are more inviting and open, thus encouraging guests to book your property. Make sure to open the blinds, turn on the lights, and photograph in the sunny daytime hours to get as much light as possible.

2. Clean Up Everything

Your pictures are meant to invite and entice guests to stay at your listing, clutter and disorganization will do the opposite. By presenting a spotless and well-organized space, you show potential guests that they will not have to worry about a thing if they stay with you, and that the space will be ready and livable for them.

3. Highlight the Cool Stuff

While you definitely want to cover the basics (bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms), make sure to showcase the aspects of your property that give it personality. Unique artwork or special features should definitely be shown off, and can help you present your property as a fun and interesting place to stay.

4. Cater to Your Target Customer

Know who is best suited for your space and feature the parts of your listing that are most important to them. For example, if your property is ideal for businesspeople, show your workspace or printer. If you target families, show that the space is safe and include pictures of games and children’s books that you have there.

5. Go Outside

Staying at you property is not only about the space itself, but about the neighborhood too; include a few pictures that showcase the surrounding area. Maybe show the view from the window or entrance, or of the restaurants next door, which will help you demonstrate the community is approachable and cool.

6. Keep It Honest

No matter what, the most important thing to do is remain honest. Hosting successfully is all about managing your guests’ expectations, so if they see things in the pictures that are not actually there, then they will definitely be disappointed. Instead, make sure to present your space honestly and meet (or even surpass) your guests expectations.

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