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Affiliate marketing

5 Effective Ways to Increase Affiliate Traffic with Social Media

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
September 25, 2015

If you don’t have a blog (or if your blog is in its infancy stage), you don’t have to wait months or years to take advantage of affiliate marketing. Social media offers an intuitive, effective solution for affiliate marketing. This is especially true if you already have accounts and followers. But what are the best ways to use social media to your advantage?

1. Keep Building Your Followers

Affiliate marketing works best on social media when you cultivate a large stable of followers. The more people who see your posts, tweets, and other content, the more money you stand to make. To attract more followers:

  • Post useful, actionable posts so followers receive something of value.
  • Look for people who follow others in your industry, then follow them.
  • Avoid overly promotional posts.
  • Retweet and repost followers’ contributions to earn goodwill.

If you don’t have many followers yet, you might want to hold off on joining affiliate programs. Wait until you have a large group of friends and followers, then launch a conservative affiliate campaign.

2. Grab Your Followers’ Attention

Use language creatively to ensure your followers listen when you recommend an affiliate. Tell them how you used the product or service to outstanding results or explain why you’re promoting the partner.

Since you only have limited words with which to make your point on social media, call out one or two spectacular features when you post an affiliate link. The more unusual and attractive you make your pitch, the better response you’ll receive.

3. Use Mixed Media

You might include a text link in your social media post, but add a photo, video, or other type of media. For example, Facebook posts with photos get 37 percent more interaction from followers, according to Fast Company.

It’s also interesting to note that you can earn 33 percent more comments on your Facebook posts if you use emoticons. While you don’t want to overload your posts with smiley faces and “thumbs up”, you can sprinkle a few into your affiliate marketing posts to see if they increase engagement.

4. Tag People You Admire

Make a list of ten people who work in your industry and whom you admire. You might appreciate their perspective on their work or enjoy their sense of humor. The reason doesn’t matter – if you like them, others probably do, as well. Follow them on social media, then tag them in a few of your posts. Compliment them on a recent blog post or thank them for their contributions to your industry.

This helps you gain attention from those people’s followers. You’ll increase your social media reach and boost your affiliate marketing results.

5. Use Your Blog and Social Media Interchangeably

You might love social media and use it to generate income, but you don’t own those sites. However, you do own your blog. To ensure you own every aspect of your business, use your blog and your social media accounts interchangeably. Promote your content in all areas to expand your reach.

If your favorite social media site ever goes the way of MySpace, you’ll still have content on your blog and other social media platforms. In other words, plan for every eventuality and spread out your content.

Affiliate marketing offers a convenient solution if you want to monetize your content. To ensure you receive reliable payments for your efforts, sign up for Payoneer and work with some of our partners to help your online business flourish.

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