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The 6 Best WordPress Tools For Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
May 6, 2017

One of the great things about WordPress is your ability to integrate custom tools and features without the need for significant web development skills. In recent years, thanks to the influx of interest in affiliate marketing, programmers have added a number of great new tools intended to support you in operating your e-commerce business.

The following is a look at several of the best WordPress tools and plugins valuable to operators of an Amazon affiliate site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by no means a new tool or one that only helps affiliate marketers. However, given the increased competition, it is more important than ever that you track the source of your incoming traffic and their engagement behaviors with your affiliate site.

Learning the types of search activities and referrals that drive traffic to your website helps you plan future marketing investments and strategies accordingly. Monitoring the flow of traffic to particular pages helps you understand the types of content and products that your typical customers have the most interest in.


ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best new marketing plugins designed for affiliate marketers. Affiliate links can be long and uninspiring. Savvy web users often recognize original affiliate links and avoid them. Thus, a primary feature of this plugin is the ability for you to cloak promotional links with cleaner and more discreet ones.

You can also get more dedicated and specific data tracking through an add-on feature available for this plugin. The tool is conveniently setup to allow you to quickly important links from Amazon’s program so you don’t have to go back and forth between sites to monetize your content.

Price Compare and related themes

Setting up your affiliate site with an appropriate theme is inherent to early success, and the ability to upgrade over time. There are a lot of developers that have created affiliate-inspired WP themes in recent years.

While you have a lot of options, one of the latest and greatest affiliate site themes for WordPress is the Price Compare theme from Theme Forest. Shoppers like the ability to compare prices from a variety of direct and third-party sources; this theme allows you to offer similar capabilities for your customers to compare Amazon-sourced prices against others from the web.

This theme is also designed to be very light and responsive, allowing for an optimized user experience and improved opportunities for SEO success with quality content.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best and most-recognized e-mail marketing solutions. Though it doesn’t have to be this particular service, some type of e-mail solution is vital to sustained success for your Amazon affiliate site.

According to wpbeginner, 75% of shoppers at an affiliate site never return. This doesn’t bode well for repeat business, loyalty and revenue growth. The costs of earning repeat business are typically lower than the costs of marketing to attract new contacts. The challenge is to figure out how to entice your one-time shoppers back.

With an e-mail database and effective marketing campaigns, you keep your brand, site, content and product links in front of subscribers. With Constant Contact and other top e-mail marketing programs, you can create customer subscriber forms that go into a dedicated registration page or into a sidebar widget for convenient access.

Amazon Product in a Post

Given the importance of efficient integration of product listings into your affiliate site, there are a number of standalone tools to consider as well. One such tool is the Amazon Product in a Post plugin.

This particular plugin allows you to quickly search, source and pull in product promotions to your landing page or blog content. These capabilities mean you can easily place high-quality Amazon product banners with matching descriptions and pricing information.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce is another popular e-commerce product listing plugin created specifically for Amazon affiliate sites. Its primary function is similar to a number of other plugins, including ones discussed here, in that it allows you to conveniently source Amazon listings without having to go to the site.

WooCommerce goes above and beyond, though, by enabling bulk searches by product category and keywords. It features a Synchronisation Module that makes it much more efficient to keep your promotions up-to-date, relative to constantly having to clean out outdated items manually.

Thanks to capable web developers who realize the significance of affiliate marketing, you have access to a lot of great tools and features for your affiliate site. These tools are among those that successful affiliate marketers have found value in. Whether you like these specific tools or others, the key is to figure out which ones align with your goals, content and marketing strategies.


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