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7 Affiliate Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
September 17, 2015

Affiliate marketing trends change on a weekly basis, it sometimes seems, so keeping up with the best blogs in the industry helps you anticipate market shifts and implement new strategies as soon as they arise. If you’re in search of productive reading material, give these eight affiliate marketing blogs a try.

1. Affiliorama

The sleek, easily navigable design of Affiliorama belies its somewhat silly name. This blog focuses on actionable affiliate marketing strategies that any blogger can use. You’ll find plenty of beginner’s tips as well as more advanced advice, so you’ll benefit from the tips here no matter what your experience level.

2. Pat Flynn

Many affiliate marketing blogs are written by authors who only have experience in this one facet of marketing. Pat Flynn represents the exception to the rule; he started his career as an architect and fine-tuned his affiliate strategies through marketing his own product. Learn his tricks of the trade at his website.

3. Affiliate Xfiles

The Affiliate Xfiles blog addresses all aspects of affiliate marketing, from efficient web design to affiliate program recommendations. It’s written by multiple experts in the industry, so you’ll learn from various affiliate marketing professionals who have diverse perspectives to share.

4. Quick Sprout

For sage advice from the financial side of the affiliate marketing industry, turn to Quick Sprout. This blog is particularly good you need assistance generating and analyzing website metrics. Increase your conversion rates, create better content, and find more reliable partners with author Neil Patel’s advice.

5. Sugarrae

Rae Hoffman (also known as Sugarrae in the online community) started her affiliate marketing business as a way to supplement her husband’s income while she cared for her disabled son. Since then, she’s become an affiliate marketing legend, generating significant income and coaching other bloggers. She’s plainspoken and painfully honest, so her tips offer great insight into the industry.

6. Adam Riemer

When you start to develop an income in affiliate marketing, read the Adam Riemer blog to further advance your efforts. He offers sage advice on everything from pitching new affiliates to improving your search engine optimization (SEO). He also delves into the social media side of affiliate marketing, which benefits you if you prefer to focus on social platforms rather than your personal or business blog.

7. Copyblogger and Problogger

Both of these blogs have provided online marketing tips for years. They focus on creating stellar content so you reach the ideal audience for your affiliates. They also branch out into other forms of online marketing in case you’re hoping to explore other avenues of passive income generation.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or considered a veteran of the industry, following related blogs keeps you current on news and strategies. If you’re interested in earning money from affiliates, sign up for Payoneer so you can accept payments no matter where you live.

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