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Primal Video Talks About Managing International Payments for a Global Brand

Sarah PritzkerSarah Pritzker
December 6, 2017

Have you ever wanted to tear your hair out over getting paid for your work? Affiliate payments can provide a great way to earn a steady passive income, but receiving the earnings can be slow, awkward, and full of delays. Getting them through quickly and easily makes the world of difference.

One entrepreneur who discovered the benefits of using Payoneer for affiliate payments is Justin Brownfrom Primal Video. Justin moved over to Payoneer to get payments from his affiliate links and it made him so happy that he decided to share his story.

Justin Brown is the CEO and founder of Primal Video, an enterprise based on Australia’s Sunshine Coast that helps businesses and entrepreneurs get better results with their video production and marketing. Primal Video’s YouTube channel is a central part of their business. It’s where they share tutorials and video marketing tips to an audience of over 80k subscribers.

Customers and viewers often ask Justin and his team at Primal Video what gear or software they recommend. Whenever there’s something they love, Primal Video shares it through their YouTube channel. Primal Video is a Tradedoubler publisher and uses affiliate programs offered by Amazon and other major corporations. Affiliate payments from services and products that they recommend form a nice income stream for the company.

There’s just one problem: Primal Video is on the eastern coast of Australia. Most of the affiliate programs that Justin and his team use are overseas and the payments are in US dollars, British pounds, or Euros.

Big programs like Amazon for example will only use checks to send affiliate payments to Australia, but cashing American dollar checks costs Primal Video money and time. Banks can charge AUS$30-40 to cash an international check and on top of that they offer high exchange rates. Justin estimates that they once had to pay 10-12% in fees on one $500 check!

On top of that, it takes a long time for the checks to reach Primal Video. Even once a check has arrived, Primal Video needs to spend over an hour in line to cash it and wait another several days for the funds to clear into their account.

Primal Video was looking for a way to reduce their costs in time and money. They wanted some way to have the money appear in their bank account without having to spend an hour waiting in line or lose so much in fees.

Then Justin’s brother Mike suggested Payoneer. Payoneer offers a virtual bank account based in the US that can be used for any American affiliate program. Not only did it promise to make life easier for Primal Video, but the fees seemed much lower than any other option Justin had tried.

In Justin’s own words, using Payoneer for affiliate payments was “awesome.”

“As a company that operates internationally it’s given us access to low cost banking in multiple geographies which not only saves us a big administrative headache dealing with manual checks, it also saves us fees.”

Justin estimates that by using Payoneer’s virtual bank account, they’ve saved an hour of waiting in line for every affiliate payment. The money is available in Primal Video’s bank account within 3-5 working days without anyone having to set foot in the bank! It’s also a lot cheaper on check processing and cashing fees.

“I’ve recommended Payoneer to several people facing the same challenge. I definitely suggest checking it out.”

Collect your global affiliate commissions with Payoneer

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