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Refer a Friend or Affiliate Program: Which is Better for Me?

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
August 31, 2017

The answer to this question lies in the relationship between you and the people you refer.

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate doesn’t know the prospective customer personally. It’s unlikely that you would go out for a beer after work or even chat about your professional life. Affiliate marketers make a living suggesting products/ services to a group of people they don’t know, purely for financial gain.

The relationships in referral marketing are slightly more personal. Yes, there is often a reward, but the main reason people refer friends is because they genuinely want to recommend great products or services that they believe will make their friends lives better.

Still not sure?  Here is some more info about both programs:

What is the Refer A Friend program?

The Payoneer Refer A Friend  program is a great way to earn extra cash simply by telling your friends about Payoneer. When your friend signs up and earns just $1,000 in payments, you both earn a reward of $25.

Who is the Refer A Friend program best suited for?

If you are a satisfied Payoneer user looking to spread the word in your professional network about a simple, fast, and secure way to receive international payments, this program is a great option for you.  By doing a few simple things (and with a bit of help from us) to share Payoneer with your professional network, you can develop a great new revenue stream.

Features of the Refer A Friend program:

  • Access directly from My Account
  • Share your link automatically on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email
  • Monitor your referral stats and track sent emails from one dashboard

Benefits of the Refer A Friend program:

  • Simple and effortless – inviting friends is as easy as sending an email invitation or posting on social media.
  • Get paid for recommending Payoneer – Earn $25 for every friend that signs up and earns at least $1,000 in payments
  • Incentives for all – It’s great to earn money when your friends sign up, but did we mention that your friends also collect $25 when they earn $1,000 in payments?!

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What is the Payoneer Affiliates program?

Like many affiliate programs, the Payoneer Affiliates program is essentially an agreement in which Payoneer pays affiliate websites a commission for quality-referees. Once referees sign up to Payoneer and earn at least $1,000 in payments, affiliates earn a commission.

Who is the Payoneer Affiliates program best suited for?

Experienced affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners, social media leaders and anyone with large-scale access to the relevant target audiences: freelancers, eSellers, service providers and similar professionals.

Are there any conditions for joining the program?

Yes. In order to apply for the Payoneer Affiliates program, you must earn at least 10 Refer A Friend awards. Meaning, you must have a track record of at least 10 people you have successfully referred to Payoneer through the RAF program, who have each received at least $1,000 in payments via Payoneer. If you have additional questions about eligibility for the program, contact our Affiliates Team.

Features of the Payoneer Affiliates program:

  • Unique tracking links
  • Marketing tools to maximize conversion
  • Automated dashboard to help you grow
  • Dedicated account management services

Benefits of the Payoneer Affiliates program:

  • High payouts that increase as you refer more quality users
  • Partner with an award-winning company in a rapidly growing industry
  • Become a Payoneer user and get paid directly to your local bank account or the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard. We partner with thousands of companies including top affiliate networks like Clickbank, Tradedoubler, Matomy.

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