CES 2016

4 takeaways from CES 2016 for eCommerce sellers

CES 2016 united technology and electronics enthusiasts in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2016. The event debuted new technology, started conversations about the future of electronics, and allowed consumers to try out interesting gadgets. Aside from all the flash, however, you can use these four takeaways from CES 2016 to guide your selling efforts.

1. The “Internet of Things” Is All the Rage

From wearable tech to smart appliances, CES 2016 introduced numerous new examples of the Internet of Things at work. Retailers and e-commerce professionals will benefit greatly from this technology in the future.

For instance, machine-to-machine communication allows e-commerce sellers to keep better track of inventory and to provide customers with more accurate delivery dates. With each piece of technology connected to all the others, the Internet of Things promises to transform the ways in which eCommerce sellers interact with buyers as well as the products they sell.

Big Data and eCommerce expert Gagan Mehra also highlights the benefits of real-time promotions for e-commerce professionals. Tracking customers’ locations and capitalizing on sudden surges in search traffic will allow you to market more precisely and effectively to your audience.

2. Every Seller Needs a Security Policy

Reporting for Time magazine, John Patrick Pullen highlighted the intense security measures that CES 2016 adopted for this year’s event. Pullen discusses the need to protect consumers against the loss and theft of their personal information, especially with regard to eCommerce transactions.

Of course, identity theft isn’t only a concern for big events like CES 2016. As an eCommerce seller, you must develop your own security policy to encrypt customers’ data and to safeguard your records from outside intrusion.

3. Wearable Tech Has Penetrated Nearly Every Industry

Many of the panels and conversations that took place at CES 2016 dealt with wearable technology and its myriad applications. For instance, wearable tech will continue to grow in the healthcare industry, which presents unique opportunities for e-commerce sellers, especially if you like to specialize in niche markets.

From devices that check blood-sugar levels for diabetes patients to fitness trackers that help consumers track their weight-loss goals, eCommerce professionals can capitalize on these emerging markets to great financial advantage. This is especially true for sellers who already work in the health-care field.

4. Old Doesn’t Mean Obsolete

According to Don Reisinger of eWeek, CES 2016 proves that marketers, manufacturers, and eCommerce sellers shouldn’t shift their focus entirely to shiny and new gadgets. Reisinger reports that plenty of “old tech” was on display, including desktop computers and their peripherals. These products aren’t going away anytime soon. This means that e-commerce professionals can still generate revenue by selling tried-and-true technology. If you’re not ready to experiment with products that sit on the cutting edge of the industry, feel free to stick with what you know.

Every year, CES 2016 dominates headlines and generates buzz about the latest and greatest in electronics. Are you a seller working on marketplaces or selling internationally? Sign up for Payoneer today!

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