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Amazon Storefront

5 Ways to Stand Out on Amazon

Guest PostGuest Post
April 7, 2020

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Hannah Giro, Founder at PR Brand Marketing

As of today, there are over 12 million products for sale on Amazon – but having a great product is simply not enough. You want to take advantage of effective marketing techniques in order to attract more and more buyers to your products.

The key here is to stand out from your competitors by offering a better perceived value to your products, which will ultimately entice buyers to buy your product over competitors.

Follow these steps below and you will surely increase your products’ value, impressions and of course, increase your sales!

1. Optimized Product Description

An average buyer spends just a few seconds on an Amazon listing to determine if this product fits their needs. Once they are on your Amazon Listing, the key is to keep them there. If they find your product confusing or hard to decipher, they will simply move onto the next product. In order to have them engaged, you want your listing to be fully optimized.

A successful product listing does the following:

  1. Informs the customer what you’re selling and why they should buy it
  2. Reads easily while answering all potential questions
  3. Optimizes SEO keywords to organically convert using the A9 Algorithm

By educating customers on the key benefits, unique value proposition, and offering a solution to a frustrating problem, your product description can help drive more sales, lower refund rates and build customer trust.

2. Main Images

Your product’s image is your first opportunity to land a sale. The image you include in your listing is the first impression a customer gets of your product. A low-quality product image can send the message that your product is poorly made, or that your business is less than legitimate.

Amazon Storefront Images

However, when showcasing a professional looking, high-quality image, this gives the customer a compelling reason to take the time to click on your detailed page to read your product description or to look at your reviews to consider your product over the competition.

5 Images Your Product Listing Should Include:

  • Full display – showcase the entire product on a plain white background
  • Product dimensions – either in inches or feet
  • Product features – displayed as a zoomed-in infographic
  • Product usage – how to store/use or clean the product
  • Lifestyle image – either on a nicer background and/or using models

In the eCommerce world, the pictures you use is what persuade potential customers to purchase your product. 80% of people remember what they see and just 20% of people remember what they read. Therefore, it’s vital to portray your products correctly to gain better sales. Ultimately, the better your product looks, the more you’ll sell.

3. Enhance Brand Content – EBC/A+ Page

EBC also known as A+ Page is a tool aimed to enhance the product description with visually rich content and lifestyle images that convey a brand story for your product.

Displayed on the listing page of the product, it replaces the product description and provides you the opportunity to showcase key features and benefits of your product and brand via images and content. This one-page brochure can help you to increase conversion rates and set your brand apart from the competition.

Benefits of EBC:

  • Differentiates your product from your competitors
  • Turns ad clicks into conversions
  • Reduces bounce off your listing
  • Increases top keywords and good for SEO
  • Provides a visual sense for potential customers
  • Offers the opportunity to write more about the product
  • Highlights major key points and product features
  • Provides brand awareness and value
  • Increases the ROI of Amazon PPC ads
  • Reduces returns as well as negative reviews
  • Makes the listing standout in a professional way

4. Product Packaging

Did you know that 1/3 of consumer purchase decisions is based on packaging alone? Imagine you bring in a killer product to the market, but your packaging isn’t up to par! To think you spent all that time and energy creating the perfect product which won’t get discovered due to subpar packaging.

The value of good packaging can either make or break your product. It communicates to the consumer what the brand stands for. It’s the first thing customers see, even before seeing the product so you want to make a lasting impression and have people grab your product off the shelves.

Product packaging

Today, many hi-end brands focus significantly on packaging, making it a symbolic part of their brand. For example, when you think of the brand Tiffany & Co., the iconic blue box with the white satin ribbon says it all – a perfect example of a luxurious jewelry line which distinguishes itself solely based on its packaging.

Benefits of Good Packaging:

  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Increase ROI
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Creates your product’s first impression
  • Communicates your brand’s message
  • Influences purchasing decision
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Adds value to the product

People have this misconception, that packaging only adds value if your product is found in retail vs eCommerce. However, that’s not the case.

Nowadays, when sellers post their products online, they also include an image of the packaging. These images make the products look more complete, and you will even see buyers commenting on reviews saying, “I love the packaging it really adds to the product.” While the buyers that are disappointed with the packaging, will comment “cheap packaging, I wanted to give it as a gift, now I will have to return it.”

5. Amazon Storefront

An Amazon Storefront is a great way to provide a detailed and comprehensive view of your brand. Customers can see all the products you sell across multiple categories and in addition, the Storefront showcases your products in an aesthetically attractive manner, giving a very professional look to your brand.

Storefronts can also play a role as a professional website.  Brands can showcase and select various products they want featured and hide their non-best-selling items. Amazon gives sellers the control to decide what they can add to their Storefront.

In addition, your storefront only includes YOUR PRODUCTS, you no longer have to be worried that your potential customers are choosing your competitors products vs products from your brand. Therefore, many brands using social media, are quick to use their storefront as a call to action button.

Benefits of Having an Amazon Storefront:

  • Increases brand loyalty, identity and awareness
  • More sales and product showcase control
  • Access to analytical data from your Storefront
  • Custom storefront URL
  • More affordable than a website but acts like one
  • Boosts traffic and impressions to all your products
  • Customers can see product reviews
  • Promotes ONLY your brand, eliminating any competition
  • Upsell more products from your brand
  • Ability to have influencers promote your brand
  • Increases trust

Still need help with your Amazon storefront? Contact PR Brand Marketing and receive 10% off with code: PAYONEER

Hannah Giro PR Brand MarketingHannah Giro is the Founder at PR Brand Marketing, a Brooklyn-based marketing firm that provides Amazon sellers with a one-stop-shop experience for all your listing optimization, graphic design & marketing strategy needs. They focus on helping private label sellers’ stand out on Amazon and help increase organic traffic to your listing – all through showing your customers that your product is clearly the one they need over your competitors. Their team is made up of talented designers, persuasive writers, brilliant marketing specialists and knowledgeable amazon consultants.

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