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Dropshipping secrets for boosting your dropshipping company into seven-figures

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
December 21, 2021

During the Beyond 24-hour global virtual summit for digital business, a highly informative session on dropshipping secrets took center stage. It focused specifically on the challenges of operations and fulfillment. In this recap, we will provide practical insights on how to become and sustain a seven-figure dropshipping business.

The appeal of running a dropshipping business is undeniable, with ambitious entrepreneurs aiming to achieve sales volumes exceeding $1 million. Drawing from his extensive experience in assisting dropshipping companies, Simon de Raadt, VP of Business Development Europe at HyperSKU, shares invaluable dropshipping secrets to propel your business to seven-figure success.

dropshipping secrets

During an insightful session on dropshipping at a global symposium for digital business, Simon de Raadt shared valuable dropshipping secrets. He emphasized the critical stages involved in launching a thriving dropshipping business vis-à-vis the Payoneer all-in-one platform. We now examine these valuable insights as they pertain to your dropshipping operations:

  •     Testing product popularity:As a dropshipper, you can leverage our platform to evaluate the popularity of your products, gaining valuable insights to make informed decisions about your inventory based on market demand.
  •     Implementing branding: We provide comprehensive resources and support to help you establish and promote your unique brand identity. Stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty with our assistance.
  •     Advertising strategies: Unlock your potential for growth by utilizing our platform’s practical advertising tips and strategies. Increase visibility, attract more customers, and drive sales with targeted marketing techniques tailored to your business.
  •     Scaling up operations: Ready to take your dropshipping business to the next level? Our scalable solutions and robust infrastructure support your expansion efforts. Seamlessly manage higher order volumes, optimize logistics, and explore new market opportunities for sustained success.

As businesses expand, efficiency becomes crucial in handling increasing orders while sustaining investments in marketing and expansion. 


Dropshipping secrets to success in just three words, according to Simon de Raadt:  

Scalability, differentiation, & efficiency.

  1. Scalability

Building a 7-figure dropshipping business requires more than just processing a single order per day. Once you approach the threshold of 50 orders per day, you’re making significant progress, and reaching 100 orders per day puts you on the brink of success. That’s dropshipping secret #1 – scale up operations.

The profitability of your products plays a crucial role in scaling your business. Consider this: if your products have an average sales value of $20, generating a gross profit of $5 per order, you would need to handle around 400 orders each day to achieve seven figures.

However, if your items carry an average sales value of $100, resulting in a gross profit of $25 per order, you could reach the same milestone with approximately 160 daily orders. Analyzing the gross profit per unit allows you to set realistic scaling goals.

It’s crucial to recognize that every product has a lifecycle. To sustain continuous growth, you must constantly expand your product lines, tap into new markets and regions, and leverage effective upselling and bundling strategies. Failing to adapt and evolve may lead to reaching a revenue peak followed by a decline.

Scaling successfully requires strategic planning and adaptability. Focus on increasing your order volume, exploring profitable product niches, optimizing your marketing efforts, and investing in systems and processes to streamline operations.

As you scale, prioritize efficiency to manage a higher influx of orders while maintaining your marketing efforts and investing in business expansion.

  1. Differentiation 

Product differentiation

Differentiation is paramount in the world of dropshipping. With countless sellers offering similar products at comparable prices, you must set yourself apart through branding, packaging, storytelling, and the added value your products provide. This is one of the most essential dropshipping secrets to remember.

Remember, it’s crucial to time your branding efforts. If you’re still in the process of determining which products are most successful and identifying your target market, it’s too early to establish your brand identity. You need a clear understanding of the image you want to project before diving into branding initiatives. Advertising, particularly on social media platforms, plays a vital role in spreading awareness of your business to potential customers.

There are numerous strategies to differentiate yourself effectively. One approach is by providing shorter shipping times, such as leveraging HyperSKU to deliver products within ten days to most countries, as opposed to the extended shipping times often associated with AliExpress (40+ days).

To really stand out, focus on providing superb customer service, personalized shopping experiences, or unique product features that solve a specific problem or meet a particular need. Engage with your audience through compelling on-site content and create a sense of community around your styled brand. Remember, differentiation goes beyond just the product itself; it encompasses every touchpoint with your customers.

By differentiating yourself in these ways, you can establish a strong brand presence and cultivate customer loyalty in the highly competitive dropshipping landscape. 

  1. Efficiency 


Efficiency becomes paramount as your dropshipping business scales to new heights. With increased order volumes, you’ll face a more intricate web of responsibilities, including processing requests, managing customer service, overseeing payment processing, optimizing shipping times, and maintaining effective communication with suppliers.

Simultaneously, you must stay dedicated to your branding and marketing efforts while continuously exploring new products and researching untapped markets. To navigate these multifaceted challenges successfully, adopting efficient practices is essential.

Key challenges encountered by 7-figure dropshippers include:

  • Thorough product research: Identifying high-demand products that resonate with your target audience and offer a competitive edge.
  • Managing the complexity of multiple stores & suppliers: Balancing inventory management, order fulfillment, and smooth collaboration with various suppliers across multiple platforms.
  • Differentiation through branding and advertising: Developing a distinct brand identity and implementing targeted advertising strategies to stand out in the market and capture customer attention.
  • Effective cash flow management: Addressing the need to fulfill supplier payments prior to receiving revenue from customer transactions, requiring meticulous financial planning and management.

Dropshipping secrets to help tackle these challenges include the following: 

  • Consider leveraging automation tools to streamline processes
  • Optimizing workflows
  • Implementing robust inventory management systems
  • Utilizing dropshipping-specific platforms
  • Employing efficient payment processing solutions

All of the above can significantly enhance your overall operational efficiency. By efficiently managing these core areas, you can drive sustainable growth, maintain customer satisfaction, and propel your dropshipping business to reach and exceed the 7-figure mark.

Simon believes that with HyperSKU, there are several ways the platform can address each of these challenges in the dropshipping journey:

  • Product research: HyperSKU simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive system to search for products, submit sourcing requests, and compare shipping costs across various shipping options. This saves you time and effort in finding the right products for your business.
  • Handling multiple stores & suppliers: HyperSKU directly collaborates with manufacturers, enabling you to secure better deals and eliminate middleman costs and complexities. Unlike AliExpress, which often involves multiple middlemen, HyperSKU streamlines the supply chain for smoother operations.
  • Differentiation: HyperSKU’s efficient system allows you to dedicate more time to branding & advertising. Additionally, their platform enables faster fulfillment times, which can serve as a unique selling point. HyperSKU also enhances differentiation by offering automated end-to-end tracking, providing greater transparency throughout the shipping process.
  • Cash flow: With HyperSKU’s emphasis on shorter fulfillment and delivery times, the gap between paying your supplier and receiving payment from the customer is significantly reduced. This improved cash flow cycle benefits your business by minimizing the waiting period for revenue.

By leveraging HyperSKU’s capabilities, dropshippers can overcome these challenges effectively, ensuring streamlined product research, enhanced supplier management, differentiation through branding and advertising, and improved cash flow management. 

Dropshipping secrets revealed: Now you’re ready to expand business operations and deliver on expectations.

Achieving 7-figure success in dropshipping requires optimizing your operations and fulfillment. Discover how virtual agents like HyperSKU can help you overcome the challenges of running a high-scale dropshipping business without overwhelming your life.

To delve deeper into growing your dropshipping business operations, watch the entire session along with other Beyond sessions. Act now and click below to learn more. 

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