Make your eCommerce store a source for answers and watch traffic soar

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
October 11, 2017

Typically, the best sellers are the ones who don’t seem like they’re trying to sell something. This same principle applies in the current era of eCommerce. People go online and to search engines for information and resources. When you make your store a source for those answers, you’re likely to see traffic jump and the number of quality leads spike. Let’s look at how you can make your site one of these go-to destinations.

Offer product-based tutorials

Before a customer purchases a product, he needs to understand how it works and believe he is capable of using it as intended. A product tutorial is an excellent resource to help address both of these concerns.

You can create your own video tutorials on how to resolve a problem or utilize a product. These videos allow you to establish credibility and authority on the subject, making you and your site a valuable resource. You can also distribute video content on external social media channels and sites to engage prospects and then drive them toward your site.

In addition to self-created content, make use of existing tools and resources available from your suppliers. Some offer their own brochures and materials to assist users in getting full value from solutions. Combine these external resources with what you produce.

Tell stories or anecdotes

The more a reader can relate to your business, product, and peers, the more likely it is that the person is comfortable making a purchase. Go beyond general product descriptions on your landing page or in your blog posts. Tell stories or offer examples that your targeted prospects find relatable.

Your stories can articulate the problems a typical customer feels that causes him to look at the given product as a remedy. This strategy is common in insurance content, for instance, where providers attempt to illustrate the types of problems that a person could face during which peace-of-mind financial protection is valuable to have.

Consumer-generated content is a great fit with your storytelling approach. Let your happy customers tell, or participate in telling your story. Testimonials, quotes and video interviews all invite a customer to share positive elements of the experience of buying from your eCommerce store and then benefiting from the solution purchased.

Create Blog posts that answers questions

The vast majority of online searches are inspired by a question. People have a curiosity and want answers or information that helps resolve a problem or guides a purchase decision. Rather than creating blog content solely driven by keywords and products, create posts inspired by common questions your targeted prospects have when they go to Google. Keyword research is still valuable, but integrating keywords is a secondary concern relative to delivery useful and relevant content.

Let the question guide your title idea, thesis, outline and content. For instance, someone may go to the Web asking, “Which Halloween costume will be the most popular this year?” This question suggests the user is either curious or considering a purchase of a costume deemed popular. You could use this question as the title of an article, or convert it into a title such as, “Costume X Will Be This Year’s Most Popular for Halloween.” Search engines are likely to connect the inquiry to your content based on the title and content that goes in-depth on this topic. In the same way, a user looking for search results is likely to view your article as an answer to the question posed.

After you attract the reader by offering an answer to a question, you have a chance to demonstrate authority and credibility on the topic. This sentiment inspires the reader to consider your eCommerce store as a quality provider when moving forward with a purchase. At the end of your articles, include a clear call-to-action that directs the reader to take the next step to “Visit the Store” or “Buy Now!”

Deliver answers in email campaigns

Email subscriptions are another important tactic for you to leverage success in answering one question to establish a longer-term relationship. Even if a visitor doesn’t make a purchase the first time on site, an email subscription allows you an ongoing gateway to deliver answers.

In addition to sharing your blog posts, use targeted emails to present specific types of customers more in-depth answers to common questions. You might, for instance, send a campaign to all customers who purchased a given product. This email could offer answers to common questions related to how to use the product or get maximum value from it. This strategy further strengthens your bond with the customer and establishes your genuine desire to help. Alternatively, you could talk about a problem or question that people purchasing the given product face. Use this content to highlight ways the reader can enhance value with add-on or larger purchases.

Engage on social media

The ability to engage with people in real-time is one of the primary advantages of social media as a marketing communication platform. On tools like Twitter and Facebook, you can search for user posts by hashtag or keywords. Search by keywords that relate to your business and products. Then, identify questions or conversations in the feed that invite authoritative answers. Reply to the user and give an answer.

If the user indicates appreciation or satisfaction, you could offer a link to a more in-depth article on your site. Again, because your article answers questions, you still seem like a genuine aid. Use your social channel profiles to provide links to your eCommerce store as well.


To attract the high-quality traffic you desire to an eCommerce store, eSellers need to approach the marketplace with answers and information rather than excessively pitchy content. Consider the questions your targeted prospects have, and give in-depth answers on your site and in your digital communication that builds trust. Then, leverage that earned trust to offer products and services that remedy the central problem faced by prospects with that question.

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