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Selecting the Right Email Marketing Platform for Your eCommerce Business

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
March 27, 2019

Email marketing is one of the most effective revenue generation strategies, especially for eSellers. The average email marketing campaign ROI is 3,800%, with 18% of retail companies generating an ROI of over 7000%.

However, the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is not guaranteed. eSellers looking to generate revenue through email marketing campaigns need to pick a platform that is optimized for their needs.

To make sure you select the right email marketing platform for your eCommerce business, you must first understand what features you need.

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Personalization and Dynamic Content Integration

Personalizing email campaigns ensures that you’re able to reach your target audience. To do so, you’ll need a platform that offers personalization tools.

A top email marketing platform will also enable personalization based on dynamic content integration, which helps create the most relevant email for each audience, maximizing engagement, brand connection and, ultimately, revenue generation.


An email marketing platform with robust automation tools is a great way to optimize campaigns and increase sales without any extra effort on your part. When considering a platform, make sure it offers an array of automation tools, including the ability to set up both trigger-based and drip campaigns.

Trigger-based campaigns are exactly what they sound like – campaigns that are automatically sent when triggered. This can be anything from a special event to a reaction to a user’s behavior. For example, an eCommerce company can automatically send a special offer for a birthday discount or send a campaign “X days” following a purchase with an incentive to make another purchase.

Another type of automated email marketing campaigns are drip campaigns, which are sent out as a series every predetermined period. Drip campaigns can be sent upon joining a mailing list, completing a purchase, or for a specific campaign.

When combining automated trigger and drip campaigns, eCommerce brands can create highly effective email marketing efforts that maximize ROI and customer satisfaction. For example, following a purchase, a new customer can get an automated trigger-based email with a time-sensitive offer. Email marketers can then instigate a drip campaign to remind the customer of the expiration of their offer, driving them back to the site and increasing the chances of completing a sale.


List segmentation ensures that campaigns are sent to the most relevant audience and the most relevant times. List segmentation can also increase campaign response rates by 355%, making it a crucial feature for eSellers looking to boost campaign effectiveness and ROI generation.

While most email marking platforms offer segmentation capabilities, the more robust ones provide additional features, including the ability to segment based on engagement with multiple campaigns over time, as well as across brands.

Deliverability and Inbox Placement

The best email campaign in the world won’t be effective if it doesn’t reach your recipients’ inbox.

An email marketing platform for eCommerce brands offers high deliverability and inbox placement rates using bounce/spam management tools as well as engagement analytics.

When recipients do not open or engage with your campaigns, your inbox placement and sender reputation can ultimately be harmed. Having an email marketing platform that provides you with information about engagement will help you improve deliverability and inbox placement.

Analytics Manager

As an eCommerce brand, one of your goals is to continually improve campaign effectiveness, making in-depth analytics a necessity.

When looking for an email marketing platform, consider the information you want to examine and whether your selected platform offers those abilities. Some platforms will let you see campaign results, while others will provide a more robust analytics engine capable of analyzing individual activity as well as post-click conversion analysis (such as sign-ups, shopping card activity and purchases over time).

Advanced analytics will help you get a better understanding of your unique customer engagement habits while providing unique insights to optimize future campaigns.

Designer and Preview Tools

Designer and preview tools can greatly assist your revenue generation abilities when launching email marketing campaigns.

Designer tools include templates that can be used to create visually stunning targeted email campaigns designed to boost conversions and ROI. Preview tools, such as litmus email preview, help ensure that your emails are displayed correctly across all email clients, increasing chances of engagement and conversion.

Finding the Right Platform for You

When looking for the right email marketing platform for your eCommerce business, always consider your unique needs.

If you’re a multi-brand seller, you may need an email marketing platform that lets you manage multiple brands in a single dashboard. If you’re a global eSeller, a platform with robust geo-location segmentation tools might be more suitable.

The Payment Landscape

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