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Expert Interview Series: Manuel Gallego, Founder and CEO of SpainBOX

Guest PostGuest Post
October 26, 2017

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Manuel Gallego, CEO of SpainBOX. 

1. We’re relying on you

A careers officer from the University of Cordoba, Spain. I requested leave of absence to devote myself to international logistics, where I worked on the implementation and development of processes to internationalize products and optimize the logistics of websites with a lot of traffic which needed to send 200 to 300 shipments a day. Between 2003 and 2009, I worked on u-cables and then I founded SpainBOX, offering solutions to reduce the cost of international shipments, including warehousing, fulfillment and inverse logistics services.  In 2015, Amazon selected us as its solutions provider in FBA International Shipping, as Self-Fulfilled International Shipping and International Return providers.

2. How did you get into this industry?

With my long experience of sending hundreds of thousands of parcels all over the world, and in the middle of the financial crisis, I decided to launch SpainBOX because I knew that the only way to overcome the crisis was by exporting and helping companies to export.

3. What does SpainBOX offer its customers?

The services of inventory storage, order fulfillment with European distribution, prep service, mail forwarding, with free integration to any eCommerce platform through API or web services.

4. Why do Amazon sellers find the Spanish and European markets attractive?

There are many buyers of the European Inditex brand who shop at Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Mango, etc. and many gourmet buyers find that Spain is the place to buy the best gourmet products, such as wine, olive oil, ham, cheese, etc. In addition, many shoppers want Amazon products that are only available in Europe.

5. What advice would you give to sellers who want to work internationally?

The best advice I can give them is to do everything they can to reduce their shipping costs and, if they can, to offer free shipping by increasing the price of the product just a little. That will increase their conversions. Choosing the right courier or postal service for each product or order is fundamental, as well as having a module, plugin, or extension to their electronic business platform that selects the most suitable and economic shipping options for each order. Examples of websites with a shipping management facility that we have optimized are: Diagnostico en Casa and SilEU.

6. How do you see the future of eCommerce in Spain and in the rest of the world?

In Spain and around the world, I see that we are experiencing continuous and nonstop growth.  In Spain and in other countries, I see that new marketplaces are constantly being incorporated, offering sellers the opportunity of presenting their products, which means for us that there are no barriers to selling. I have witnessed it myself because many international sellers contact us: Americans, South Americans, and Asians, among others, who are interested in using our warehouses to distribute their products. They know that the way to reduce their shipping costs is to store and distribute their goods locally.

Manuel Gallego, SpainBOX
SpainBOX is an international transport broker, which integrates with companies to provide logistics support and handle international shipping services for documentation, samples, packaging materials, or pallets. These services enable companies to improve their logistics and international transport arrangements, optimizing the handling of their shipments and providing all the information and documentation necessary for fast and effective imports and exports.

Web: http://SpainBOX.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mailboxspain
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mgallegoh
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spainbox
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/spainbox1
Google+: http://google.com/+spainbox
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/spainbox


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