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Boost Your Holiday Sales with Free Product Listings on Google!

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
September 28, 2021

With more and more merchants turning to eCommerce to boost their revenues, tapping into the holiday sales boom has become increasingly difficult. That’s why sellers will be thrilled to hear that Google has made it significantly easier to get your store noticed this year with Google Shopping’s free product listings across 48 countries!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s sales often represent the majority of eCommerce revenues throughout the year. Now, with free product listings, Google has taken the extra step to help ensure your 2021 holiday sales are a success.

If you’re not yet familiar with Google Shopping, it’s a great way to organically connect with your customers, by providing them with a simple and convenient way to view and compare products directly after searching for them on Google. Meanwhile, Shopping Ads enables you to showcase your products all over the world while increasing your business’s reach.

Since launching in the US, Free Listings has driven an average of over 50% increase in clicks and has more than doubled impressions for participating merchants, with the largest share of increases seen across small-to-medium businesses*.

Ready to get started?

Registering for a Google Merchant Account

If you already have a Google Merchant Center account, no action is required on your end to start taking advantage of Free Listings. However, if you wish to expand your target markets, this product expansion guide will explain how you can show your products across multiple countries and languages. For those new to the Google Merchant Center, sign up and take advantage of this opportunity by following the steps below:

  1. Create a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Submit your product feed directly in Merchant Center or via an integrated partner.
  3. Show products in multiple countries of sale to start selling globally with Google.

Get Your Holiday Calendar in Order

Ready to get your holiday sales in order? Use Google Shopping to take advantage of all the upcoming sales events:

  • November 26th – Thanksgiving (US)
  • November 27th – Black Friday (Global)
  • November 30th – Cyber Monday (Global)
  • December 16th – Free Shipping Day (Global)
  • December 25th – Christmas (Global)
  • December 26th – Boxing Day (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada)
  • December 31st – New Year’s Day (Global)

The holiday season is approaching quickly. Now’s the time to sign up for a Google Merchant Center account and start selling! To learn more about how to boost your sales this year, check out our holiday sales blog series by clicking below:

Learn more

*Google Internal Data, July 2020, based on an A/B test comparing performance for users seeing the updated layout on the Shopping property vs a control group not seeing the new experience

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