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kaufland.de tips for online sellers holiday season

Expert Advice from Kaufland.de for Your Holiday Season Preparations

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
September 23, 2021

In this sixth part of our holiday season advice series from some of the world’s leading marketplaces, we speak with Kuan Huang, Partner Manager at Kaufland.de, the German online and offline hypermarket giant that sells not only food and drink but also general merchandise, clothing, hardware and homewares.

There are tons of great tips to take into account and implement, so if you haven’t quite finished your holiday season store preparations – you’re in luck!

If you’ve still not started your holiday season prep and got a little longer to read up on some advice from the world’s leading online marketplaces, check out our previous advice from Joom.com, Allegro.com, Rakuten.com, Shoppee.com and FnacDarty for their holiday season advice.

What is the #1 piece of advice you would give e-Sellers to help get their stores ready and maximize their sales this year?

We have several important ‘tips’ for sellers:

Be sure to double check the delivery availability of your offered items to see whether the stated delivery times can really be kept during the Christmas period. Also, make sure to state the total delivery time, i.e. the time until the handover to your shipping service provider plus its shipping time. Otherwise adjust your offers accordingly.

In order to avoid claims and cancellations, be sure to carefully review the stocks of your products again. You can also check the inventory updates and send out more frequent updates if necessary.

Make sure that you process incoming service tickets immediately. We’d recommend you to respond to tickets within 48 hours so that your customers benefit from a high level of service and have a positive memory of your seller name.

Make sure to check that all of your items are visible. The correct specification of mandatory attributes for your products is essential for this.

Do your products have a meaningful title, high-resolution detailed images, a cover image and an advertising text? Feel free to read our blog post about how you can perfect your product data on kaufland.de.

Finally, be sure to communicate possible company holidays to your customers in good time and pause your offers early enough with the help of mass editing.

What trends are you currently seeing among eSellers on Kaufland?

We notice that more and more D2C providers / manufactures are selling independently on the marketplace (also due to Covid and closings). There is a mutual interest to cooperate with manufacturers and of course we still welcome retailers of different categories. Manufacturers have a demand for fulfillment service, especially as they might not be able to ship to end customers. Kaufland’s future fulfillment service could definitely help to solve this problem and offer faster delivery to customers.

Kaufland is also attracting brand sellers as it is a good opportunity to provide exclusive product content rights for brands and we, as a marketplace, will of course support them in offering the best product content.

Are there any special features you’d like our e-Sellers to know about that would improve their success this holiday season?

Check your pricing strategy: With the help of the kaufland.de low-price automatic, you can have price adjustments made automatically. To do this, the system requires the specification of a minimum price for your offers, which is used in an automatic competition comparison. You can find out more about pricing strategies on kaufland.de in this article.

In addition, the Sponsored Product Ads are an advertising tool which, based on performance, displays the advertised offers in a prominent position in the search results and on category pages on kaufland.de. This not only ensures a high level of visibility in the organic search, but also gives you the chance to improve the performance of your offers. Learn step by step how to create a Sponsored Product Ads campaign in our blog post.

You can also find additional information at https://www.kaufland.de/haendler-infobereich/en/boost-your-sales/spa/ .If you have any questions, please contact: support-spa@kaufland-online.de

– Kuan Huang, Partner Manager at Kaufland.de

Stay tuned for the last in this advice series, expert insights and ideas from CDiscount.de.

Until then, wishing you a productive planning period and a terrific holiday sales season!

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