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The 2022 Global Freelancer Income Report

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
February 17, 2022

The past two years have brought unprecedented disruptions to the global employment market. As billions around the world continued to shelter against COVID-19, the global work force, including millions of freelancers, has adapted to a new reality.

In this fourth edition of the Global Freelancer Income Report from Payoneer, using data from a survey of 2,000 Payoneer customers from over 100 countries who work with international clients, we set out to better understand who today’s freelance workers are, what unique challenges they face, and how they are weathering the global pandemic.

As you will see, the results show that not only were most freelancers able to maintain their levels of work and income during these tumultuous times, but a third of them experienced a growing demand, and 40% even saw an uptick in rates during the pandemic. In some respects, this should not come as a surprise. The flexibility that freelancers offer their clients lends itself to the uncertainty created by waves of pandemic surge and retreat. For many companies, freelancers serve as a lifeline in filling essential functions, especially in the shadow of what has been described as the ‘great resignation’ or when an unpredictable market creates a need for a more agile workforce.

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The report also highlights the changes in the gender pay gap in the freelancing economy. Despite the increased representation and higher rates of education among women, the gender pay gap persists, and has even widened slightly since our previous Global Freelancer Income Report two years ago.

Even in the face of increased representation and higher rates of education among women, the gender pay persists, with women making $23/hour on average to men’s $28/hour. At 82% of the average man’s hourly rate, this is a slight widening of the gap since our 2020 Freelance Income Report which showed women earning, on average, 84% of what male freelancers earn.

To get all the insights across industries, genders, levels of education and ages, get your copy of the 2022 Global Freelancer Income Report today.

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