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What Facebook’s New Augmented Reality Ads Mean for E-Sellers

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
August 27, 2018

Facebook is testing augmented reality advertisements, which could lead to numerous opportunities for forward-thinking e-Sellers. AR enhances your ability to give prospects a clear perspective on the value of the solutions you sell.

The following is an overview of how the AR ad format works and the benefits it provides to e-Sellers. These insights create a strong case for building your strategy now to leverage AR ads when they are accessible to everyone!

Facebook Augmented Reality Ad Overview

In addition to augmented reality ad options in Messenger and Instagram, Facebook recently announced testing for AR on its news feed. Michael Kors is among the small number of select companies participating in this type of ad execution for retailers. Other makeup and furniture brands are involved as well, though additional retail sectors are certain to follow suit as the advantages of ad engagement become apparent.

Facebook AR ads allow users to try on or experience product benefits more effectively than with image or video ads alone. Interaction with the ads is typically fueled by a user clicking on the ad and utilizing phone camera technology.

AR Ad Benefits for e-Sellers

There are a number of compelling benefits for eSellers that take advantage of Facebook AR when it is opened up to all advertisers. The following is a look at some of the most important advantages:

Ad Attention: AR ads stand out from the crowd. It is difficult enough for advertisers to garner interest with ads in a Facebook user’s news feed. The challenge is amplified when trying to compete with image and video ads against companies leveraging more interesting and engaging ad executions.

Consumer Interest: In the digital age, any ad format that creates interest and excitement among an audience is powerful. Disinterest and avoidance are key obstacles with traditional media and even a lot of conventional online ad formats. With AR, users find the interaction with products appealing.

Demonstration of Value: Just as a live product demonstration is powerful in a personal sales setting, direct engagement with a product experience is beneficial with AR. Users get a stronger sense of how a solution can address their needs through the interactive experience.

Direct Purchase: It is important that the transition from interest and purchase is seamless in digital advertising, and Facebook AR provides that. Your prospects can quickly move from AR interaction and product interest to purchase.

Improving Cost Structure: Initial online AR advertising options have been expensive relative to conventional digital ad formats. However, Snapchat and other channels already delivering AR ads have been reducing costs in recent months. Thus, AR opportunities, on the whole, are expected to become more affordable in the coming months and years as they become more common.


In the hyper-competitive digital landscape, e-Sellers need to stay on top of new advertising technologies that eCommerce competitors use. Get in early on the capabilities of Facebook’s AR advertising platform to deliver a top-of-class advertising experience for your audience!

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