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Andy Tryba Crossover Payoneer

Connecting Companies to Top Global Talent: Crossover’s CEO Andy Tryba Visits the Payoneer Team

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
July 3, 2019

We recently had the pleasure to host Andy Tryba, CEO and Founder of Crossover, one of the largest online talent marketplaces that connects companies to the best talent from around the world and provides an end-to-end solution for managing remote teams.

During his visit, Tryba shared his view on the way many companies search for candidates nowadays – specifically mentioning that today’s hiring process must be more automated and in addition, that the best talent “isn’t always in your zip code”.

Founded in 2014, Crossover has expanded to over 130 countries and was established on the belief that the best talent is distributed worldwide – yet many are missing the opportunity. The company tests applicants in an extensive manner in order to provide opportunities for elite talent to rise to the top. As Tryba mentioned during his visit, Crossover strives to offer high-paying jobs to the best talent in the world and their mission is to transform the global workforce in a profound and positive way.

When Tryba started Crossover, he jumped on the “everything goes to the cloud” bandwagon and still believes that all high-skilled jobs go to the cloud computing industry. Most of these jobs are constantly interacting with cloud software and as a result, the location becomes less and less important.

He also emphasizes the fact that Crossover is not a freelance marketplace, but a talent marketplace and that the difference is that they’ve positioned their business model to have customers seeking employees for long-term careers and committing to a full-time job of around 40 hours a week. For companies looking for small or short-term projects, they would be better served by seeking traditional freelancers.

Payoneer has powered Crossover’s payments for the past five years during which we’ve witnessed their rapid growth. We highly enjoyed having Andy Tryba visit our office and look forward to the next meetup with a customer or client!

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