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The Payoneer Guide to Selling on Cdiscount

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
May 29, 2022

Online merchants who are already successfully selling in Europe are now turning to new pastures. Keep reading if you are ready to look at e-commerce opportunities and branch out into country-specific online marketplaces. Payoneer is here to help you master the process of establishing a successful sales presence on one of France’s biggest e-marketplaces. Look out for more Payoneer marketplace guides that will support you as you conquer one e-commerce challenge after another.

The Payoneer Guide to Selling on Cdiscount is ideal for online merchants who are already successful e-merchants and are ready to expand their reach into fresh European marketplaces. We’re not going to repeat what you already know about ecommerce; we’ll be giving you a simple and clear ‘go-to’ guide to making the most out of one of France’s most popular eCommerce sites.

Over six short chapters we’ll introduce you to the Cdiscount marketplace and outline all you need to know about shipping, delivering to and following up with your waiting French customers. We’ll also explain the details of handling returns, fulfilment, the local payment process

and VAT. With the help of our guide, you’ll be fully equipped to handle all the intricacies of selling on Cdiscount. Selling through Cdiscount gives you a strong foothold in the French domestic online marketplace. France is home to the third-largest e-commerce market in Europe, with 78.3% of French internet users buying items online and one-third of those shoppers making their purchases through Cdiscount . As a major player in the French marketplace ecosystem, Cdiscount is well positioned to introduce your merchandise directly to the heart of French online shopping.

Marketplace share CDiscount

Some of the features that Cdiscount offers its overseas merchants include:

  • Native Language Support: Cdiscount reaches out to overseas sellers, offering seller services in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese as well as in French.
  • Shipped by Cdiscount fulfillment: Cdiscount Fulfilment permits merchants to store merchandise in one of three Cdiscount warehouses in France for easier and faster shipping. Similar to Fulfilled By Amazon, Cdiscount Fulfilment invites merchants to hand the burden of logistics. You can keep track of your inventory and supervise activity remotely via your seller account. Using Cdiscount Fulfilment also permits merchants to access Cdiscount’s customer loyalty program, Cdiscount à Volonté, bringing you greater visibility and free delivery for your products.
  • Currency management: Manage the fluctuations of currency exchange rates and save money on international transfers with Payoneer.
  • Integrators: Link your existing ecommerce store with your Cdiscount presence, manage your inventory and create streamlined product descriptions. Cdiscount has partnered with local integrators based in France, Germany, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands so that you can interact with your Cdiscount store in your native tongue and with local support.

Cdiscount is an attractive entry into the French online market for European and international sellers. Over 4000 Chinese sellers are already active on Cdiscount, with China and the USA standing out as the top location for Cdiscount merchants. More than 10000 international sellers used Cdiscount in 2017 However, while Cdiscount provides multilingual support for sellers it does not assist merchants with localization, translation or customer support, which has to be conducted solely in French.

Cdiscount overview

Cdiscount sells products in every imaginable category. Here’s some of the product categories that sell best on Cdiscount:

  • Home appliances: 41% of all online home appliances sales in France are made on Cdiscount. Cdiscount has enjoyed steady growth in this field since the fourth quarter of 2015.
  • Electronics/Computers: Cdiscount is particularly strong in computing and communication products, part of the reason for its high popularity among young online shoppers. Electronics/Computers makes up 34% of France’s online ecommerce sales.
  • Fashion goods: Cdiscount has a reputation for offering low prices, making it popular with fashion-conscious
    individuals looking for good deals.
    CNOVA N.V. 2017 Financial Results

Benefits of selling on Cdiscount

  • Domestic credibility: Cdiscount is an established French ecommerce site with the brand recognition of the Casino group behind it. Cross-border sellers can gain French credibility by using a native French site.
  • Cdiscount fulfilment: Merchants can store their wares in Cdiscount’s 300,000-square-meter warehouse and leave it to Cdiscount to process,
    package and ship orders and handle customer service. Relating to shipping and delivery issues only.
  • Attractive payment terms: Cdiscount permits customers to pay in four easy installments, popular with French shoppers who prefer to
    spread out their payments.

Optional complementary services:

Cdiscount ads: Cdiscount offers its merchants a suite of marketing tools to boost the visibility of their products, and increase their sales. Plus, new services are coming up with the creation of an independent division for B2B services, which will focus on developing useful services to help sellers grow their external businesses.

Is it easy to sell on Cdiscount?

Cdiscount offers many tools and services for smooth selling on their marketplace:

  • Dedicated local support for sellers: Local, multi-lingual seller support representatives in six languages actively encourage cross-border online trade. You’ll always have someone to turn to for help and can access that support in your mother tongue.
  • Increased visibility and sales: The Cdiscount Ads program invites merchants to plan visibility campaigns for their products. Retain full control of every campaign that you decide to lead on Cdiscount. Take advantage of Cdiscount’s massive social media following and frequent advertising on TV, radio and newspapers to present your wares to more eyes.
  • Integrators: As part of their campaign to attract more international cross-border merchants, Cdiscount has made available an impressive array of partnerships to help new sellers integrate with their marketplace. These include Payoneer for currency exchange, Lionbridge on Demand for translation services, and SellerMania, ChannelPilot and many other integrators.

What makes Cdiscount such a strong marketplace?

Cdiscount is the second largest ecommerce marketplace in France. One-third of all French online shoppers buy from Cdiscount, which boasts 12 million unique visitors per month and an annual growth rate of 10%. The French online market continues to grow, surpassing that of Germany in 2016 and exceeded only by the UK, making it a significant arena for cross-border sellers looking to maximize their European

  • Delivery: Cdiscount offers home and store delivery, as well as pickup options from nearby pickup points or connected stores. Their network, totaling 18,500 local pickup points, makes it easy for customers to find a collection point nearby and save on delivery charges for both buyers and sellers. This is particularly attractive for sales of heavy goods, a sector in which Cdiscount has a strong presence. The Cdiscount à Volonté program offers free delivery to members in a manner similar to Amazon Prime.
  • Higher average basket size: Cdiscount makes over €2 billion in sales each year, but with about 10,000 pro sellers, giving you a better opportunity to make an impact. The average basket size on Amazon.fr is much lower than that on Cdiscount, with a Cdiscount basket averaging €110.
  • Price: Cdiscount is focused on marketing high quality goods at low prices and has developed a strong reputation for good value for money. Cdiscount has earned itself a following for outpricing other online competition.
  • Variety: Cdiscount has a strong presence across 40 product categories, including electronics, clothing, food and wine, pet products and home furniture and appliances. Similar to Amazon, Cdiscount operates as a one-stop online shop that provides everything in one place.
    CNOVA N.V. 2017 Financial Results


The main choice is between keeping the task in-house or outsourcing it to a logistics and shipping company. Keeping shipping in-house means that you retain control of the entire process, but you need to decide if you are willing to handle negotiations and fine print in French.

All goods brought into France from outside the EU need to have duty and tax paid on them. If they aren’t paid correctly, your goods could be kept in a customs warehouse for weeks or returned to you at your own cost.

Most merchants choose to hand the process over to experts. It’s best if you can find a company that already has experience shipping goods that are similar to yours. You should always use a certified logistics company and look for online reviews, ask plenty of questions and meet with the company’s representatives before signing up. Finally, make sure to be entirely clear about what you expect.

Whatever shipping method you use, once they reach France and clear customs your products can be stored in a Cdiscount warehouse to await delivery. From there you can use Cdiscount Fulfillment to fulfill orders across the country. You can see more information about delivery here.

Shipping guidelines

Whether you arrange shipping yourself or outsource it to a logistics company, there are a few guidelines that you need to be aware of.

It’s best to consult your shipping company about how they calculate shipping costs and whether customs taxes are included. The EU has a list of which goods need a license for import as well as the levels of duty payable, with higher duty on textile and food industry products. A certain specific language needs to be used on the declaration of goods which your shipping agent can help you with. Shipping agents measure both the actual weight and the volumetric weight of your goods. Volumetric weight is the dimension of your package divided by a volumetric measure which varies depending on the shipping method. The company will charge you according to whichever measurement is greater.

Hazardous materials: (Hazmat) can only be shipped after filling out the necessary complex paperwork and complying with all the relevant US federal shipping laws. Hazmat can include batteries, battery-powered equipment and some perfumes. A logistics company will be able to guide you through the paperwork and tell you which shipping agents are qualified to transport your merchandise. Some other items such as animal products, perishable items and tobacco are prohibited for export by the US or forbidden for import by the French government. Other items are subject to certain restrictions. Your shipping agent will be able to help you with a full list as well as suggestions for easing transportation.

Delivery, returns and customer care

This section concerns the final stage of sending merchandise to the buyer and post-sales care. Deliveries and returns can be handled by your own company, outsourced to a delivery firm or processed through Cdiscount (who’s looking after customer care for shipping and delivery issues only).

Using Cdiscount

  • Delivery: Cdiscount fulfilment permits you to offer free delivery to Cdiscount à Volonté members, as well as presenting all customers with Cdiscount’s four delivery options:Home delivery via recorded, registered or regular delivery.Immediate in-store pickup for items that are in stock in your bricks and mortar store (when relevant).Pickup from one of 18,500 Mondial Relay, Relais Colis and Colissimo pickup points around the country. The customer can choose
    their nearest pickup point and you then inform the location about the order details.You are still free to set postage costs for delivery.
  • Returns: French law permits customers to return items within 14 working days of delivery and requires that they receive their refund within 10 days of return. Customers also expect paid returns and refund or replacement for defective or damaged goods. Cdiscount requires sellers to either provide a French returns address or to supply customers with a prepaid international returns label.If you use Cdiscount fulfilment, that becomes your returns address for your FBC goods and you can use your Cdiscount seller interface to respond to returns requests. If you prefer not to use Cdiscount’s Fulfillment service you can choose one of Cdiscount’s partners or source your own delivery service.
  • Customer service: Cdiscount encourages customers to leave reviews and comments about their purchase experience. This information is key to determining your overall ratings and ‘trusted seller’ status, so it is vital that you read and respond to customer feedback.Cdiscount directs their customers to address the seller directly if they have an issue, but if a shopper does not feel satisfied by your customer service they can open up a complaint directly with Cdiscount.As a seller you are sole responsible for the products you sell on Cdiscount marketplace and have to handle your own customer service.Failing that, you are considered in breach of the contract, and Cdiscount is allowed to intervene on your issue. It’s obvious that you need to find a way to supply effective native language customer support and in a timely manner despite differing time zones. This is a challenge when selling on Cdiscount, as all customer service must be provided in French. and in a timely manner despite differing time zones. This is a challenge when selling on Cdiscount, as all customer service must be provided in French.

    Fortunately, online merchants who are thinking of becoming Cdiscount sellers can use one of Cdiscount’s partners such as SalesSupply to fill their customer support needs. Cdiscount only demands French-language email customer service support, not telephone support.

Delivery, Returns and Customer Care


By far the easiest approach to fulfillment is to use Cdiscount fulfillment.


  • Warehousing: 300,000 sq. m. of modern warehouse space with automated preparation, packing and shipping systems and a 24-hour
    security presence.
  • Stock control: Manage your inventory and oversee stock levels remotely using your seller account dashboard.
  • Packaging: Automated packing system securely packages your goods in advertisement-free packing. Delivery: Offer your customers four delivery options, including home delivery via recorded, registered or regular mail.
  • Tracking: Real-time tracking of the entire fulfilment process, from location in the warehouse through to delivery.
  • Returns: Cdiscount will take care of customer relations relating to delivery issues and returns requests at your demand on your behalf.

Cdiscount à Volonté

Cdiscount à Volonté is an extremely popular customer loyalty program. For €19 a year, members can enjoy free delivery on purchases of over €25 and access special offers. When you use Cdiscount Fulfilment, your products join those available for free delivery and special Cdiscount à Volonté promotions. You’ll gain higher visibility and greater popularity among shoppers.

Charter of Good Practices

The Cdiscount Marketplace Charter of Good Practice (to be found here) was drawn up to make Sellers aware of a number of essential issues which contribute to making the platform a secure environment for consumers in particular.

This Charter is not exhaustive in nature, neither are the issues therein addressed. Each Seller is responsible for ensuring that their activity via Cdiscount Marketplace complies with applicable national, European and international law, and they do not make inappropriate use of the Cdiscount Marketplace platform.

How Payoneer can help

Now that you’re an expert on selling internationally, it’s time to learn how to keep more of your foreign earnings.

Payoneer is the world’s leading cross-border payment platform, developed entirely for servicing businesses, professionals, and eCommerce sellers. Payoneer is also Cdiscount’s trusted payment provider. It’s super easy to sign up and receive your Cdiscount disbursements into your Payoneer account, where they can be easily withdrawn directly to your home bank account in your local currency or used to invest back into your business or pay suppliers.

To make this happen, all you need to do is link your Payoneer receiving account to your Cdiscount Seller account.

CDiscount Marketplace

What sets Payoneer apart

  • A simple way to pay and get paid: Accept and make payments in multiple currencies via a simple, quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Earning potential: Access your earnings in your local currency quickly and easily, and at low rates, with additional discounts available for high volume sellers.
  • Make payments: Use your earnings to pay businesses anywhere in the world—for free!
  • List on multiple marketplaces: Connect with consumers on the world’s top online marketplaces and get paid in one place from all
    your global sales.
  • 24/7 support: Enjoy dedicated, local support around the globe in multiple languages, any time you need it.

Open an account

You got paid via Payoneer. Now what?

Once you receive a payment from Cdiscount in Euros, you can hold the currency in your Payoneer account and then make a transfer to a supplier in Euros without needing to exchange the currency or pay any fees.•

  • Transfer funds from your Payoneer account to your local bank account in your local currency.
  • Pay your suppliers – anywhere in the world – for free!
  • Use Payoneer to withdraw your funds at ATMs worldwide or make purchases online and instore.
  • Pay your VAT in Euro directly to the tax authority from your Payoneer account.

To learn more about Payoneer, click here.

Collect funds from foreign marketplaces. Pay international suppliers. Grow your network.

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Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform. In today’s borderless digital world, Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries and territories to reach new audiences by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments.

With Payoneer, you can join Cdiscount and hundreds of other marketplaces across the world to promote your brand to international consumers. Easily receive your earnings from any marketplace, quickly, at low cost, in your own currency and using the method that best suits your needs.

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The content provided in this article including any information relating to pricing, fees, and other charges is accurate and valid only as of the date it was published. In addition, changes in applicable regulations, policies, market conditions, or other relevant factors may impact the accuracy of the mentioned pricing and fees and other associated details. Accordingly, it is further clarified that any information regarding pricing, fees and other charges is subject to changes, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are viewing the most up to date content applicable to you. Payoneer will provide the most up to date and accurate information relating to pricing and fees as part of the account registration process. Registered customers can view this information via their online account.

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