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Minnie Katzen-Mayer
Minnie Katzen-Mayer
November 13, 2016

The holiday season is in full swing, with shoppers gearing up towards Black Friday and Christmas. This year we paired up with some of our partners to bring you some helpful insider tips for selling on their marketplaces. These 3 partners represent unique, fascinating selling platforms that cater to specific audiences.

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Podcast #1: Top Tips for Marketplace Sellers This Holiday Season
Guest expert: Grégory Haras, Partnership Manager at Cdiscount

James Heron, Payoneer Community Team Leader, interviews Cdiscount’s Grégory Haras about the uniqueness of the Cdiscount platform. Grégory explains the ins-and-outs of selling on Cdiscount for new foreign sellers, the perks and various tools put in place that can help new sellers. Grégory also gives some great holiday season tips specific to Cdiscount’s market – French buyers.

“Don’t wait until December to put your offers on Cdiscount. The French are early buyers.”

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Podcast #2: How to Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season
Guest expert: Carlos Victorica, Head of International Marketplaces at Linio

A fascinating interview with Linio’s Carlos Victorica, introducing this Latin American platform to the international e-commerce market. With such a diverse market spanning from Mexico to Argentina, Linio has special tools in place to assist new sellers. Among other tips, Carlos emphasized the importance of strong content on sellers’ top-selling products during holiday season:

“The content is really important for us, and obviously for the costumers. Any product listed should have at least 3 photos for the product from different angles…Improve the description and the content for the listings of your top products.”

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Podcast #3: Achieve Your Most Productive Holiday Season Ever
Guest expert: Austin Henggeler, Head of Account Management at Tophatter

Tophatter is a unique, auction-style marketplace where exposure is guaranteed for all sellers. Austin explains the how-to of this shopping platform, with actionable tips for successful selling. Though Tophatter is a smaller platform with fewer sellers, this is clearly an advantage for those who want to explore this new marketplace; experienced sellers can find a lot of success in selling high volumes of products on this marketplace.

“We see higher performance, higher metrics, when [product descriptions] are clearly communicated through the entry…the sellers that are more detail-oriented with those types of things experience much more success on Tophatter.”

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