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Simplifying Cross-Border eCommerce with Fruugo

Nicolas GudinchetNicolas Gudinchet
May 22, 2020

Since being founded in 2006 by two members of the Nokia board of directors, Fruugo has grown rapidly to become one of the leading global online marketplaces. A trusted Payoneer partner, Fruugo has been localized in more than 40 countries, enabling cross-border sellers to effectively market their products to a truly global audience.

Fruugo prides itself on offering sellers a different kind of experience than they would have on other eCommerce marketplaces. Here, we’ll examine what makes the company unique, including how it’s able to simplify cross-border eCommerce, helping to ensure that sellers are able to reach the widest possible audience.

Taking the Complexity Out of Global eCommerce

For cross-border merchants interested in branching out into new markets, Fruugo provides an ideal solution. All sellers need to do is supply their data in a single language and a single currency, and Fruugo takes care of the rest. This includes product translations and currency conversions, allowing you to truly reach the markets your interested in targeting.

“Fruugo has been an amazing eCommerce sales platform for us. It lists our products in 32 different countries and displays them with the correct currency and language.”

  • Catherine Peck, Undercover Glamour

Fruugo is not a destination marketplace, meaning customers typically don’t arrive at the site and search for the product their interested in purchasing. Instead, most visitors to Fruugo come organically, meaning they arrive after searching for a specific product on Google. For sellers, this is a highly beneficial situation, as it provides added exposure that you wouldn’t normally receive simply by listing your products on a marketplace.

Reaching a Truly Global Audience

With localized sites now in over 40 countries – the marketplace launched in 14 additional countries in 2019 – Fruugo provides access to a host of potential new customers all over the world, including in Scandinavian countries that are often difficult to target. Furthermore, sellers working with Fruugo are now able to also grow their business in the Middle East and throughout Europe, a diverse market with countless opportunities if executed properly.

“We have seen large increases in sales in Scandinavia and Benelux countries, markets which we would have never tried without Fruugo, partly due to the cost of language conversion (over 4,000 of our items are listed on Fruugo.”

  • Paresh Joshi, Director at Nutrigroup

According to Håkan Thyr, CRO at Fruugo, “It is easy to think of Europe as one market; however, this is far from the case. With more than 30 languages and over 20 currencies, the logistics of operating in the region are complicated.” That’s where Fruugo comes in – by ensuring that your products is properly translated and customized for local markets, they give you the opportunity to diversify your expansion.

So, How Do I Sign Up with Fruugo?

With access to over four billion consumers across the globe, signing up with Fruugo is an excellent way to diversify sales and help ensure a consistent revenue stream. Before registering, note that there are a few eligibility requirements, including:

  • Product GTINs – All products you are selling through Fruugo must contain GTINs.
  • Automated feed – You must be able to supply Fruugo with an automated feed for your store.
  • Accurate product descriptions – You must supply Fruugo with accurate product descriptions, including product images without text and logos.
  • Cost competitiveness – Your store must have competitive costs on all products and shipping fees.

In addition, Fruugo recommends coming in with a large catalogue containing trending, branded products. Currently, products in the Pet, Health & Beauty, Sports and Baby & Toddler categories are trending, although it’s important to keep your eye on the market, as it fluctuates regularly.

What’s Next for Fruugo?

Fruugo is intently focused on expanding into new markets to better connect retailers and shoppers. Furthermore, their platform is in a constant state of development in order to deliver the best possible user experience for both sellers and their customers.

“Fruugo marketplace is an excellent marketplace throughout. We’ve never had any problems. The technical team, the support staff and the management at Fruugo have always been very helpful and prompt. We believe their marketing strategy is very good as well.”

  • Rakesh Luchmun, Founder of Ria Christie Collections

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global eCommerce, Fruugo is working to help sellers navigate the new realities of cross-border trade. Specific initiatives include the development of a new courier network status dashboard, which allows for tracking the operational status of couriers in over 40 countries.

Interested in selling on Fruugo? Get started by clicking below:


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