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Gamivo Digital Games

GAMIVO: The Winning Digital Games Distribution Marketplace

Sagi ShentagSagi Shentag
January 7, 2020

Game activation codes marketplace GAMIVO is on a mission to become the leader in the digital games distribution industry. Launched in September 2017 by gamers who wanted to make games available at better prices, two years later, GAMIVO is the fastest growing marketplace in the space.

GAMIVO offers low priced options for buying both new and older titles, and takes pride in its platform’s safety and high-trust ratings. The company selected Payoneer to help ensure those ratings and power its global growth by providing a fast and secure international payments platform with strict KYC and AML procedures.

We asked Bartholomew Skarbinski, GAMIVO’s CMO to tell us more about the gaming landscape, its platform and plans for the future.

Tell us a bit about the gaming landscape — what has changed over the past decade?

Game distribution used to be quite simple. Developers would create games that would then be distributed on CDs through physical stores around the world. Simple, but not cost-effective. Steam revolutionized this model. With Steam, distribution publishers were able to avoid the whole physical component; it nixed the need for CDs, printing covers, boxing and distribution. All a developer had to do was create. As Steam gained traction, other online stores started to take advantage of digital distribution, and that’s when the revolution become real.

Before we had the idea for GAMIVO, we wanted to be a regular game key store. The biggest challenge there was gaining access to stock and various markets. When we started in Germany, local stores were popping up onto the scene one-by-one, with very limited stock. Competition was aplenty, and having stock wasn’t enough. As we started to think on a global scale, we realized that regular storefronts weren’t what we wanted — we wanted to follow the eBay business model. And so, GAMIVO was born!

What differentiates Gamivo from other gaming marketplaces?

We offer the lowest seller fees, highest commission for affiliates, have the fastest payouts and have more revolutionary ideas to roll out. That’s why we are different. We are currently on the best track to grow even faster and bring in even more games at better prices.

As the youngest marketplace, we had the advantage of learning from our older colleagues’ mistakes through the years. We knew that technology was key. Google is pushing publishers and admins to give the best experience to visitors at all costs, and that was important to us as well —  but most SEO experts said that Google wouldn’t properly index GAMIVO and we’d stay invisible to most of the world. Our solution? Change SEO experts, of course! Now, according to our merchants, GAMIVO is the most revolutionary games marketplace, with the fastest payout time and most advanced technology implemented. In addition, the technology we use is supported by Google.

Which regions does GAMIVO operate in, and where are you seeing the most growth?

GAMIVO is a global marketplace. We’re currently noticing the most growth in the United States, United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Is there any specific region you’re looking to expand into?

We are looking for stable growth worldwide. A customer is a customer, no matter where he is operating from. In this century, the world is one village. We’re less focused on regions, and more on people.

What requirements do you have for new sellers joining the GAMIVO network?

We are very strict regarding new sellers. Sellers are our ‘business card’ — as the only source of products we have, they are seen as the face of GAMIVO so we have to be very careful. Our merchant team works with Payoneer to implement full KYC and AML procedures. If the seller is a registered company with registered sales history and a reputable brand within the industry, our team will gladly provide more details regarding the onboarding process.

Are you noticing any new trends in gaming?

The gaming field is extremely flexible and changes very quickly. Today, the most popular game may be League of Legends but tomorrow it may be a completely different game. It’s hard to predict what exactly will become the new community choice. So, the only real trend is constant change.

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