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The World is at Your Feet with Payoneer

Sarah CohenSarah Cohen
July 24, 2018

A Global Audience 

What makes the Fifa World Cup unique? There are many answers to this question, however the most influential reason is the fact that the World Cup attracts a global audience. The World Cup is one of the few televised events that still attracts a younger audience. The soccer event brings people of all ages from all nations together from around to world to cheer on their national team or allies.   

Just like the World Cup, Payoneer aims to bring nations together with their payment solution. To break down these barriers, Payoneer has partnered with many different companies from all over the world including companies in France, Argentina, and Japan. Each of these countries have a large Payoneer presence, and also competed in the 2018 World Cup.  

Viva La France 

France, the 2018 World Cup Champions, did not let the torrential rainfall stop them from celebrating their world cup victory. During this year’s World Cup they did not let anything get in the way of their victory, just like the country does not let barriers effect how easy currency transfer can be by providing their customers with numerous payment solution service to online sellers.  

Payoneer has an extremely active presence in France. Payoneer has partnered with many leading brands in France such as e-commerce leaders C-Discount, the 5th most visited website in France, Rakuten PriceMinister, and Teezily, a personalized, printable t-shirt company 

Steep Competition  

However, France is not the only team that competed in the World Cup that is growing their global network with Payoneer. Japan and Argentina are just a few of the countries that where numerous Payoneer partners are located.  

In Japan, Payoneer works with direct customers such as E-Sellers on Amazon and we have a solid partnership with AirBnb to provide vacation renters with a simpler way to transfer payments. We also provide services for online sellers to do business on Rakuten Ichiba, the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales.  

Although Argentina may have lost the World Cup, they are not letting their loss get in the way of simplifying cross-border payment transfers. For instance, in Argentina, Payoneer offers services for online sellers who do business on Linio, the biggest ecommerce platform in Latin America. 

Your Key to Global Success 

If your company is looking to break down global barriers without breaking the bank they should consider Payoneer Enterprise solution. Payoneer Enterprise’s 360° solution empowers you to expand into new geographies and grow your business. Our cross-border payments platform offers you the opportunity to connect with our global network and our powerful technology will protect you from potential fraud.  

Our solution is already trusted by thousands of leading digital brands such as Amazon, Adobe, Fiverr, and Airbnb. If you are interested in growing your company globally, connect with Payoneer’s network of over four million sellers and service providers who will love to learn more about your offering. Reach your payees no matter where they are in the world with our unmatched global banking infrastructure and multi-option payment methods.

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Sarah Cohen is a summer intern for the Payoneer marketing department in our Palo Alto office. She is currently an incoming Junior at the University of Wisconsin Madison where she is studying Strategic Communication and Sociology with a Concentration in Research and Analysis.

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