Workana Expanding Beyond Latin America into the Southeast Asia Market

Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
July 13, 2018

Workana – Latin America’s largest freelance job platform – recently announced their expansion into Southeast Asia, where they’ll be able to connect freelancers in the region with clients all over the world. To celebrate the event, we decided to have a look at Workana’s story and how they’re now able to provide freelancers in Southeast Asia with a platform to greatly expand their global client base.

Workana brings to the table over 6 years of experience in freelancer recruitment, starting out as a small startup, and quickly growing into the largest freelancer marketplace in their region. Partnered with regional veterans Seek and, as well as Payoneer, they are ready to take on this new market, offering their excellent platform to the Southeast Asian freelancer market..

Something unique to Workana is the relatively high number of companies looking for permanent remote teams. 12% of companies on Workana are looking for professionals who can be part of their company’s permanent remote team, generating a unique opportunity for freelancers looking for more than just a quick project. With over 20,000 companies hiring freelancers for projects each month, the opportunity is great for Southeast Asian freelancers.

What is Workana?

Workana was founded in 2012 as a platform for Latin American freelancers, including web designers, writers and programmers, to connect with potential clients all over the world. In the six years since it was established, the company has grown exponentially and currently has more than 1 million freelancers using its services.

Expansion into Southeast Asia

Workana’s expansion into the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore represents their first venture outside of Latin America and is a sign of how quickly the South-East Asian freelancer market is developing. This move creates new opportunities for Southeast Asian freelancers looking to connect with clients in Latin America, as well as the rest of the world.

Payoneer has been working with Workana since 2012 to facilitate easy payments to its users from the US, Latin America and EU. Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer service allows for the transfer of funds to freelancer bank accounts or to their Payoneer cards.

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