Is Payoneer Right For You? Everything You Need to Know About Whether You’re Eligible For a Payoneer Account

Payoneer is a business payment platform for sending and receiving payments internationally for goods sold or services rendered. Eligible clients include service providers, freelancers, affiliates, online sellers and SMBs.

Not everyone can register for a Payoneer account. Here, we’ll be explaining who is and who isn’t able to use Payoneer.

Who is eligible to register for a Payoneer account?

Broadly speaking, you’re eligible to use Payoneer  if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Freelancers or service providers – These customers get paid by their clients or via marketplaces for professional services they offer.
  • Online sellers – These customers get paid by e-commerce marketplaces for goods that they sold.
  • SMBs – These companies need to pay or get paid for goods or services that they offer.
  • Marketplaces or enterprises – These clients need to send mass payouts to their payees throughout the world.

What if I don’t fall into one of these categories?

As you can now tell, Payoneer is the right solution for you if you are making or receiving business payments. If you are looking for a money transfer platform to send or receive money between family and friends, or solely as a way to get a prepaid card, you, unfortunately, won’t be approved to use our service. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other good money transfer services out, such as Western Union, which can provide you with a remittance service and help you send or receive money between family and friends globally.

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