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The Holiday Season is a Time for Contests!

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
October 2, 2016

The holiday season is approaching and that means it’s also holiday contest season! As an online professional, you have digital skills that provide you with added value when entering these contests. Take advantage of what’s out there so you can win cool prizes and more importantly, get great exposure.

Companies host a variety of contests for multiple reason. The goal is engagement and the cooler the contest the higher the engagement. These contests are great for freelancers and online professionals of all sorts, like yourselves. You can use your skills for a chance to get a fun, quick win. Prizes vary from electronics, trips, to cash.

The Guide

We want you to take advantage of this season’s sweepstakes, so we’ve prepared a guide for you on how you can find the right contest to participate in.

Where to Look

There are many contests out there waiting for you to find them. Here are some tips!


One way to find contests is through a hashtag search on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Certain types of hashtags are used by as a keyword to source various online activities. Here are examples of hashtags you can used to find contests for you3 2 1

However these hashtags are very broad and you may find too many irrelevant posts.  Try also making them more specific, for example, by searching #designcontest.

Company Websites

Are there certain companies you really like? Try going to their website or blog and type “contest” into their search bar. You may be surprised how many contests you may find!

If you’re unsure what companies you like, you can also use Google to search for contests.  If you see a contest advertised by a company, visit their social media channels, blogs, or websites to confirm that they’re legit! If it is, you should see posts promoting the same contest you found in your search.

Contest Aggregator

There are a bunch companies and blogs who aggregate contests taking place all year round.  Here are a few design oriented examples we found:

Contest Watchers

Graphic Competitions


Is This Contest Legitimate?

So you found a contest but you’re not sure if it’s legitimate? Do you need to answer a lot of questions before you submit your work? Most companies who host contests will have a digital form you are required to fill out in order to join their competition. Of course they need your basic information so they can contact you if you win! They may also ask for information about your profession and where you’re from. Don’t be alarmed. This is for them to know a little bit more about you.

Be wary of contests that ask for private information such as Social Security number, national ID number, and credit card information.  With the increase in contests, there’s also a rise in scams. Never give out that personal information to anyone!

Have Fun

Contests are supposed to be fun.  Most of the time you’re working for someone else, a boss, a company, or client.  Contests are a way for you to use your skills and be creative, so enjoy! If you’re spending too much time on contest and it’s taking away from your work, it may be counter productive, causing you more stress than needed. It’s important to be selective.

Join Our Contest!

Guess what? We have a contest of our own! We’re looking for someone to design our 2016 holiday greeting card.  We want to see your creative skills and in return we’re offering lots of cool prizes.  The contest is live until November 8th so click below and submit you’re design. We can’t wait!


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