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“Payoneer has enabled me to see the endless opportunities that the internet has to offer”

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
March 10, 2014

Eduardo Grude is a professional freelance web designer from Latin America, and also a Payoneer account holder. Being experienced in doing business internationally while living in Latin America, Eduardo explains the obstacles freelancers face working in a global economy, and how Payoneer helped him to overcome those obstacles and grow his business.

I´ve been working as a web design freelancer for many years, but I had a big problem: I couldn’t do effective online advertising with per pay click payment methods such as Google Adwords, because of limitations I encountered in Venezuela. I needed to promote my Google Adwords services since the traditional methods weren’t effective enough for me and I needed to get more clients.

I received payments for selling some hosting services as an affiliate but I couldn’t make use of that money other than purchasing on websites or paying for some services. I discovered  Payoneer around 2012, I had been looking for information about opening a bank account in the USA for a long time, and I finally came across Payoneer’s services.


Why did you choose Payoneer?

I can honestly say that Payoneer has changed my life! My biggest problem had been solved, and now I could withdraw money that I received online to a US bank account through the US Payment Service, without having to incur in any expenses, like depositing money to open such account. I was then able to make payments with my Payoneer Mastercard.

Payoneer has enabled me to see the endless opportunities that the Internet has to offer, so much so that I’m leaving my profession as a freelance worker to start other online businesses.

Tell us a bit about your experience using the Payoneer Refer a Friend Program. Are you satisfied?

Regarding the Refer a Friend Program, I immediately started promoting Payoneer’s services- I wanted to shout to the world I had found such a valuable opportunity for everyone using the Net to work and do business.

I am very satisfied with the services Payoneer offers, they really are excellent! And I’m even happier that I have been able to help so many people get to know about their services. In fact, they have acknowledged I’m one of the top 2013 referrers.

To my fellow Venezuelans, and to everyone around the world, I’d like to say: there is a way, starting an online business to work from home or anywhere in the world, is the only way!


Eduardo Grude

Blog:  http://www.generandoactivos.com


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