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Top 4 Tech Tools for Freelance Graphic Designers

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
March 30, 2018

Graphic designers have access to a lot of great tech tools to help them with their work. There are some that are nice to use, but others are virtual must-have devices to satisfy the needs of clients.

The following is an overview of some of those must-have tech tools for freelance graphic designers, with insights on why each one is necessary.

graphic design freelancers

Design-Friendly Computer

MacBooks and Surface Books are common options, but there are other choices for design-friendly computers. Look for a quality laptop or notebook that you can take with you anywhere to work on projects.

You also want an option that is compatible with the top software programs that you need to operate your business. The MacBook Pro remains a popular device for designers because of its cutting-edge features. The sleek style and powerful resolution of Surface Book 2 from Microsoft has also won over a lot of designers.

Pantone Reference Library

The ability to accurately blend colors to create compelling designs is essential for a graphic designer. The challenge is ensuring that your color combinations will come off the printer as you envisioned them on your computer.

The Pantone Reference Library is a collection of books and folders with chips that enable you to see exactly how your creation will come off the printer in most top programs including InDesign and Illustrator. This tool not only helps you get the look right, but it saves you the cost and inconvenience of trial and error.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the most effective and flexible design suites available on the market. For these reasons, it is also one of the most popular software packages for designers in many professions.

In addition to quality designs, graphic artists like the ability to store all of their work in the cloud and to easily deliver finished works to clients. With an annual plan, your investment goes from $75 per month to $50 per month. For those who only do vector work, there are cheaper options, but they limit your ability to take on diverse projects.

Payoneer’s Payment Processing Solution

You want to get paid for the great work that you do, and the Payoneer Payment Processing solution is designed with freelancers in mind. The Payoneer solution allows you to invoice and receive payment from clients around the world in several different ways.

Speed, security, and low cost are three key benefits that separate Payoneer from other payment service providers. You can easily invoice and collect payment without worrying about security exposure for your accounts. We are also able to help you save up to 71 percent on fees you would pay through other payment solution providers.


These are four of the tools that help you create high-quality work, get it into the hands of your clients, and then receive proper compensation for it. Whether you are just getting started or looking to grow your freelance business, you should incorporate these tools into your plans.

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