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freelance graphic design sites

The Top 14 Sites for Freelance Graphic Design Work You Need to Know

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
June 14, 2021

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you’ve most likely already figured out that with freelancing comes plenty of flexibility and the ability to choose your own clients, hours and rates. But being your own boss doesn’t mean that you need to struggle in order to find the work YOU want.

One of the best ways for freelancers to find work is via freelance platforms that help connect top talent like you with your next client, anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you freelance in graphic design? As a freelance designer, it can certainly be tough to find clients or even a platform to find them on. Luckily for you, there’s a plethora of design platforms out there, each with its own unique selling point.

freelance graphic design platfoms

Below you can find a list of the top 16 freelance graphic design sites that are sure to help you find the work you’ve been waiting for! Let’s dive in…

1. 99 Designs

99designs connects all types of graphic designers with clients all around the world. The platform offers two working models – either work one-on-one with a client or participate in a design contest. Only the winning design gets paid in a contest. It’s free to join 99designs. The platform reviews your work to rate you as an Entry, Mid, or Top-level designer. The higher your level, the more perks you’ll unlock on 99Designs.

2. DesignHill

Known as one of the world’s largest online graphic design platforms, Designhill connects between the global design community and its potential clients. The technologically driven platform offers graphic design solutions to individuals, SMBs, and enterprises alike and also runs contests that allow clients to request submissions for their projects, and for designers to showcase their talent.

3. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd’s mission is to help businesses around the world find the best design talent at a price that fits their budget and allows designers to earn money for their skills. This is another platform that is known for hosting contests on logos, web design and more.

4. Folyo

This site provides an outbound lead gen system to help freelancers, specifically in the design field, to level-up their client acquisition. Folyo also offers training programs and workshops on how to find those high-paying clients.

5. DesignContest

Started back in 2003, DesignContest aims to help deliver the best quality designs to businesses and companies worldwide. The platform connects designers with companies via contest holders which allows freelancers to showcase their talent and win lucrative projects from a variety of different clients. With over 30 different design categories, freelancers can offer an array of designs to potential clients.

6. CGTrader

Known as the world’s largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models, CGTrader enables enterprises and online retailers to transform their 2D product images into 3D models for a better customer experience. The platform is the first designer-friendly online marketplace where designers can create professional 3D content and enterprises can purchase them.

7. Canva

To maximize your earning potential as a freelance graphic designer, you should highly consider using Canva. From logos to social media assets, this platform is for the designer who wants to be able to design absolutely anything. Canva is truly a great program that allows designers to design anything and publish anywhere.

8. Taskr.in

Freelancers should be given the flexibility of choosing the work they love to do and that’s exactly what Taskr.in aims to do for designers around the world. Simply create your profile, post a task, promote it, receive an order, deliver your task and get paid!

9. Crowdsite

Launched in the Netherlands back in 2009, Crowdsite quickly became the largest design website in the country, offering designers a lucrative future for showcasing their skills and talent. Companies and businesses looking to hire freelancers host contests and are then delivered designs in just hours.

10. 48 Hours Logo

If you’re talented with creating logos, this is THE platform for you! More than 70,000 small businesses have used 48 Hours Logo to request top designs and you could be the next one to earn top money from them! Similar to the other platforms, clients host design contests in which designers deliver a logo package and then pick a winner to move forward with.

11. Coroflot

Probably the most diverse marketplace for designers, Coroflot’s users include a wide variety of industrial designers as well as graphic, apparel and exhibit designers. Their mission is to help creative professionals gain exposure and land clients that know their worth and will pay for the quality designs.

12. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a community of hand-picked designers, developers and digital talent, who are connected with businesses and companies worldwide looking for great designs. From logos to video animation, Envato makes it easy to connect you with top clients and get paid for your work.

13. Freelance Auction

Whether you’re a website designer, logo designer or animator, Freelance auction provides all the job listings you’re looking for. Simply browse through the list of projects on the site, place a bid for that project and if you’re chosen as the winning bid, you’ll be notified by the project manager.

14. Behance

Behance is an online platform for creative professionals to showcase their own work and to discover the creative work of others through three key features: Search (Discover), Live, and Jobs. The platform also offers an extremely friendly user interface, making it super easy for you to display your designs and search for the works of others when looking for inspiration.

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