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Freelance engineers

What Kind of Jobs Can Freelance Engineers Tackle Internationally?

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
June 28, 2016

In discussions about freelancing, jobs like “writer, “designer” and “coder” get thrown around a lot more than most other positions. However, just about any professional can do his or her job remotely. Freelance engineers, for instance, can work for companies on the other side of the globe.

Product and Model Design

Much of today’s product and model design takes place digitally. The engineer creates a three-dimensional model using a CAD (computer-aided design) program and ships it off to his or her supervisors for evaluation and approval. While this system works perfectly well in-house, it also translates to freelance and remote-working positions.

Freelance engineers can create CAD designs and models for companies whose offices they never step foot in. Developing a good reputation for this type of work can lead to lucrative and high-profile contract opportunities, especially if the business grows in scale or reputation as a result of your hard work.


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Developmental Research

If you’re a freelance engineer, you might also look for projects that allow you to research and develop custom ideas. You might conduct research into new technologies, such as 3D printing, as they relate to the employer’s needs. Your findings will fuel future developments in the industry and guide the employer’s future products and services.

Developmental research positions can range from prototyping to information gathering. If you excel at the research function, for instance, you can offer to conduct investigations into proof-of-concept issues that your employers might face. Alternatively, you can focus your efforts on the developmental phase, helping employers solve problems and find solutions that they encounter in the lab or the shop.

Software Engineering

Software engineers can find high-paying jobs through telecommuting websites and platforms. You might develop mobile applications for businesses or create new software programs for the B2B or B2C spaces. In some cases, firms need software engineers who can collaborate long-distance without ever meeting in person. They save money on personnel expenses and you gain new job opportunities.

Alternatively, you could take web development work if you’re a software engineer. Work with your employer to find new website and social media solutions, depending on the business’s needs.

Technical Support

No matter your engineering specialty or education, you can find a technical support position that fits it. As a technical support agent or representative, you’ll help people resolve problems from a remote location. You’ll walk them through the steps they need to take to accomplish a goal or reverse an issue that is preventing them from doing their jobs.

Engineers are particularly well-suited for technical support because this position requires advanced technical skills and a meticulous mind. Your tendencies toward meticulousness and attention to detail will serve you well as a freelance engineer.

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