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How to Market Your Freelance Financial Planning Business

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
April 11, 2018

Earning business as a freelance financial planner is particularly tricky. You not only have to motivate people to seek help in planning for their financial future, but you also have to compete against large, established providers for the business.

freelancing-financial business planning

The following are some of the most effective tips and trips to help financial planners market their skills effectively and affordably to grow their business and drive revenue.

Dig Deep into Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an integral component of marketing many types of businesses online. However, financial planners can especially benefit from this strategy because prospective clients are using search engines to gain insights on financial resources and opportunities.

Through a website-connected blog, you can create articles around topics of primary interest to your prospects. Potential titles include “5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Financial Planner,” “Pitfalls to Avoid in Planning Your Financial Future,” and “When to Start Planning for Retirement.” These topics and others are best crafted and distributed to target well-defined prospects that you prefer to attract. Think about the common questions your prospects have when they go to the search engine and craft an in-depth response that serves as a high-quality, relevant resource.

One of the greatest advantages of a content marketing strategy for freelance financial planners is the minimal cost involved. There is a time investment. There are also opportunities to promote your content through paid search ads and sponsored social media posts if you do not achieve the natural results you desire through free communication. However, much of what you can accomplish is possible without significant financial investment.

Build Your Social Media Following

You cannot get overly promotional in your initial blog articles and content marketing efforts or you will drive would-be prospects away. Instead, offer people more in-depth whitepapers, ebooks, and other documents after you capture their attention on your website.

Another important step when you attract prospects is to make an authentic connection. Invite people to share your posts on social media and to follow your accounts. Building your social media following affords you opportunities to further connect with your intrigued audience as you share insights and distribute future content via social media.

Grow Your Contact List

Email marketing is also an excellent, affordable channel for freelance financial planners. Make your subscription or registration forms easily accessible on your website and at the bottom of your best blog posts to simplify sign-up.

Get people to subscribe by offering access to even more great free insights, tips, and resources on financial planning. The longer and more thoroughly you establish your credibility, the greater your potential to become the preferred provider if the subscriber does decide to invest in financial planning services.


These are a few of the top, affordable strategies for freelancers in the financial planning sector. Content marketing, combined with the development of a following on social media and email, allows for efficient marketing opportunities. Use these strategies to build credibility, attract visitors, and grow your following with potential prospects!

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