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5 Ways Patreon Creators Can Grow Their Audience

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
February 5, 2021

2020 was a crazy year for all, but for many it was also an opportunity to shift their mindset to a new way of working and making the most of their skills to make money online.

In fact, if you’re a creative type and earn a living from graphic design, art, music, photography and such like, you’ll be pleased to know there are many ways you can reach an international audience without even needing to speak your customers’ language. Language barriers are no longer a barrier at all!

Introducing Patreon. Patreon is an online platform for creators to let their fans become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership.

To help you get started and inspired, the data science team at Patreon have pulled together some really interesting trends in the world of creativity that offer some tips to creators to will help them build and grow their audience – and bank balance!

Let’s get straight to them.

Trend 1: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Mediums

Something that’s noticeable over the last year or so is the growth in multi-channel broadcasts. If you’re a creator, you may have used just one medium, say a podcast, or YouTube, to reach your audience. You may even be a huge podcast star. But sticking to just one medium is kind of limiting. If you’re already making a podcast, for example, why not record it on video, and post it to YouTube. That way you increase your online presence and make it easier for your potential audience to find you.

Creators who double up on their broadcasting channels have the potential to garner a wider audience. That’s why Patreon has seen a 112% year-on-year growth in multi-channel creations. So, if you’re making a podcast, or providing content on another channel, 2021 is the year for you to begin branching out and repurposing that content to new mediums. Don’t be shy, give it a try!

Trend 2: Collaboration

While creators have been collaborating for quite a few years already, 2020 saw a huge spike in this way to grow your online presence and success. By collaborating, creators can leverage another creator’s audience that they otherwise would not have discovered.

Plus, by collaborating not only will you increase your exposure and presence on the web but also your community and following on Patreon.

Trend 3: Patrons on Patreon Are Loyal

According to Patreon’s data science team, no matter how many different formats a creator tries to experiment with, their patrons continue to stick around, follow them, and pay them! Patrons on Patreon want to see their creators succeed so they can continue to create the wonderful music, art, drama, videos, or anything else that they value so greatly.

As a result, creators earn more every month from their ongoing patrons. Meaning, not only do patrons stick around to support their creators but they seem to give more each month in order to ensure they continue producing great content. A win-win for everyone!

Trend 4: The Market Is Not Saturated

You may think that with so many people putting and selling their creative output online, the market is just too full and saturated and you don’t stand a chance. But this isn’t true. The demand is so great, and the pie so big, that everyone can make money. What’s more, because of the competition, they even make more!

That may sound strange, counter-intuitive even, but the data Patreon shows is that as more creators join the community, the more patrons get to hear about the latest creator in town and come flocking to hear or see them. Indeed, with the increasing amount of great talent available, new patrons and followers get to hear about it and also join the community and start supporting them. All this just helps the pie grow bigger with more funds pouring in to keep it going. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself!

Trend 5: The Creator Economy is International

Patreon is not limited to any particular country. This means there are no borders and no limits to where you can be and still attract followers, and patrons, from all over the world. With over 100 countries now represented on the platform, there’s been over 600% growth in Hong Kong, 366% growth in Greece, 188% growth in Taiwan, and 161% growth in Lithuania.

The types of content available is also growing massively. 374% growth in the number of podcasts produced in Chile, 3523% in video in Hong Kong, 947% growth in Taiwan, and 392% growth in Greece.

So, if you’re looking to build a new audience for your creative work in 2021, then Patreon could be just the place for you.

With Payoneer we make it easy for your Patreon patrons to pay you and withdraw your earnings in a currency that suits you – leaving you with more time to focus on creativity.

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