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Can freelance performers find work online?

When you think of freelance work in today’s market, you probably think of writers, translators, programmers, or customer support representatives. When it comes to freelance marketplaces online, these fields are by far the dominating ones.

However, the freelance world extends far beyond the realm of computers; freelance singers, dancers, actors and other performing artists have been working freelance long before the term “freelance” was well-known. Is there room for performing artists to fit in online among the computer and communication-based professionals?

The answer is, yes. Performers can find gigs online on the bigger platforms, as well as the smaller ones.

Where can freelance performers find gigs online?

Two of the biggest players in the freelance marketplace scene are Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms cater to writers, programmers, and graphic designers, but that’s not all. For all of the freelance performers out there on the hunt for their next gig, for voice actors, and in some cases real actors and singers, there is definitely a demand that exists on both platforms.
Upwork has a performing arts tag, where one can find actors, songwriters and other professionals. In addition, under the Design & Creative category, there are designated subcategories for voice talents. If you’re a songwriter, composer or musical artist, you can tag your profession under music.

Fiverr has an entire category dubbed Music & Audio, hosting professionals who do everything from write, mix to perform. Under the Fun & Lifestyle section on the site, you’ll find gigs for actors who perform professional stunts, do celebrity impersonations and more.

Aside from Upwork and Fiverr, there are some smaller platforms where freelance performers can find work:

  • Peopleperhour This platform is similar to both Upwork and Fiverr, but is known for its array of performance-centered creatives. Its name even suggests that it encompasses freelancers of all kinds, because at the end of the day, employers need a job done, and that’s what this platform is successful at conveying in terms of its branding. Whether someone is a developer or a singer, it doesn’t matter, and everyone can feature a description about themselves and their services, as well as how much they charge per hour. Employers just need to provide a downpayment upon choosing a freelancer, and that’s all there is to it.
  • Careerlancer Careerlancer is another great resource for performers. While this site isn’t a job platform, which has an entire category devoted to performers of all kinds, their website provides tips (and relevant links) for performers, as well as other creative professionals in how to go about their creative journey in the most professional way possible. Careerlancer is a good resource for both new performers and seasoned ones alike, and the abundance of information regarding how to navigate a creative career has been helpful to many.
  •–  This platform is geared towards helping creatives find work, however, musicians and those involved in music or other fine arts are featured on here, as well. Additionally, “musician” can also mean producer, songwriter, etc. so it’s not limited to those who only sing, so performers across the board can create a profile to offer their services from. Agencies and individuals alike are able to use this platform respectively, or to seek out one another for future collaboration.

Key takeaways

Performers seeking gigs should channel their creative energy into finding a gig that is in need of their services. Upwork and Fiverr are great ways to land gigs, as there are entire categories dedicated to performers and the different services they offer, such as actors, voice actors, dancers, and singers. In addition to the aforementioned platforms, it’s also important to note that local websites in big cities especially, have many ways of calling upon performers in a particular area. Facebook groups, forums, and local sites are also good resources to use as a performer in order to accumulate gigs.

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