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The Freelancer Income Survey Results are In!

Payoneer CommunityPayoneer Community
April 21, 2015

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Setting and negotiating rates often feels like one of the most complicated and intimidating parts of freelancing. In order to set a rate that is appropriate for your skills, education and experience a freelancer must first understand the freelance market. Payoneer surveyed over 23,000 freelancers worldwide in order to determine the average hourly rates charged by freelancers.

Utilize the Payoneer Freelance Income Survey to determine the following:

  • Average hourly rate charged by freelancers
  • Most profitable freelance skills
  • Highest and lowest paid freelance industries
  • Hours spent per week on freelancing
  • and more…


The survey results are based on responses from 23,006 freelancers around the world using an online questionnaire provided by Payoneer in December 2014. The analyses show that freelancers are charging from $1 to $100 per hour as the highest paying rates. Here is a graph explaining about the location of freelancers who participated in this survey:

Who did we survey_freelancer salary survey

Key Findings

Average Hourly Rates: They results of 180 countries show that average earning of freelancer is $21 per hour. Almost half of freelancers charge under $10 an hour for their work. 40% charge between $11 and $30, and 18% command over $30 per hour.

average hourly rate for freelancers

Where do freelancers find jobs?Almost half of freelancers find projects via online freelance marketplaces. The growing popularity of marketplaces has helped millions of freelancers build a worldwide client base.

where do freelancers find jobs

How are freelancers getting paid: Over half of the freelancers surveyed prefer to receive payment for online jobs directly to their bank account, while almost a quarter prefer having the ability to withdraw their earnings in cash. Other methods of payment mentioned were e-wallets and checks.

how are freelancers getting paid


Do you want to learn more about freelancers in your market?  Download the report!

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