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freelance job satisfaction

3 Ways Freelancers Can Measure Their Job Satisfaction

Susan GuillorySusan Guillory
December 21, 2017

While it is easy to assume that freelancers have higher job satisfaction levels than employees because they can pick and choose their work projects, they have flexible hours, and they have more freedom, you cannot assume that this is always the case. There are many stresses and pitfalls of being a freelancer, and happiness is not guaranteed.

freelancing-job satisfaction

As a freelancer, have you ever stopped to consider whether you are happy in your work? Here are a few ways to figure out if you are.

1. Think about your income

Naturally, you might prefer to win the lottery so you can laze around and read a book on a tropical island somewhere, but that possibility aside, are you content with how much you make as a freelancer? According to Payoneer’s Freelancer Income Survey, the majority of freelancers fall in the middle of the scale of satisfaction. That means some are very satisfied with what they earn, a few are very dissatisfied, and most are fairly satisfied.

Income satisfaction among freelancers worldwide. Download the full report

How to change it: If you would say you are not satisfied with what you earn, look for ways to take on more projects, free up more time for freelancing, or charge more money for the services you provide.

2. Consider your field of work

The industry in which you work, as well as the type of work you do, can also contribute to how fulfilled you are as a freelancer. Some industries are more fast-paced or demanding than others, and certain fields of work may require longer hours than others.

The report showed that professionals in IT & Programming were the most satisfied, while those in Engineering & Manufacturing were the least. Hourly rate had surprisingly little impact on freelancer happiness: freelancers in Legal Services had average levels of income satisfaction, despite having the highest hourly salaries among freelancers ($28/hour).

How to change it: If you find yourself working long hours and not feeling fulfilled, think about how to find a unique niche within your field, or how to expand the types of work you do to include services you enjoy providing.

3. List what you would change

If you had your “druthers,” what would be different about your freelancing work? Most freelancers — 68% in fact — want to make more money, while 52% want new ways to get more clients and work.

Other items on their wishlists? Work with more international clients, improve their own efficiency,  find new types of work, and get paid faster.

How to change it: For every item on your list, make a series of action items you can work on to accomplish that shift. For example, if you want to make more money in 2018, how can you do so? Your list might look like this:

  • Increase rates by 20% for all new clients.
  • Stop offering Service X, which nets no profit.
  • Start offering Service Y, which is highly profitable.
  • Ask clients for referrals and reviews.
  • Upsell existing clients on additional services.

For each item on your list, set a due date and put it on your calendar to work on so it does not just stay a wishful thinking item.

You should enjoy what you do. At the very least, you should have job satisfaction. If you do not, remember: you are the captain of this ship. It is up to you to change the situation so that you can find your bliss.

Once you have found the work you enjoy at the pay rate you want, it is time to see about finding the easiest way to get paid. Payoneer can help with that. Check out our global payment processing platform designed for freelancers today.

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