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How Freelancers Can Make the Most of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Jonny SteelJonny Steel
November 21, 2018

Black Friday isn’t only a major shopping day for B2C sales; it’s also a great opportunity for freelancers to make sales to their business customers. With the holiday sales season just opening, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are times when your business and seller clients are looking for downloadable items and services that they can use to draw in their own customers for holiday shopping. Q4 is also a time when work might otherwise be slow for freelancers, so a timely offer or promotion during Black Friday to Cyber Monday can help keep you in the black yourself.

We’ve brought together 12 suggestions for special offers and marketing free gifts for freelancers to offer their clients, so that you can take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday B2B sales opportunities.

6 Sales Bundles for Freelancers that will Sell Like Hotcakes

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming large on everyone’s calendar, so it’s a great opportunity for you to offer valuable sales to your B2B clients. Here are the six most popular bundles for freelancers to promote on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get more customers:

  1. Video content. Photographers and content writers can increase sales with discount bundles for promotional videos. Video leads conversions, so it’s a good time to remind your clients that they might need some of your video magic. Try offering a 20% discount on the first video, or three one-minute videos for the price of two.
  2. Landing pages. Web designers, freelance writers, and programmers would do well to create a landing page bundle. eSellers need to promote their holiday offers with well-designed landing pages, which means they need a lot of special content in a short time. Consider offering one free landing page for every four that you create.
  3. Content marketing. Content is still king, so invite your customers to get the holiday-optimized content they need for a special price. Retail sites need plenty of new content for the holiday season, but they might be reluctant to pay for the number of articles they need. When you run a 5+1 offer for articles, you’ll see a rush to your digital door.
  4. Business websites. Web programmers and web designers can offer to create a new or additional website for businesses or retailers. Convince your clients that there’s no need to wait for next year’s budget to get the latest site up and running by tempting them with a progressive discount. Offering 10% off the first website, 20% off the second one, and 30% off every subsequent site is an attractive offer.
  5. Photoshoots. At this time of year, a lot of retailers need new seasonal product images, but many might also have reached the end of their budget and need to cut expenses. A discount code can entice clients to schedule that photoshoot anyway. Interestingly enough, 25% is the most effective discount. The next most appealing offer is 15% off.
  6. SEO optimization. Digital marketers, encourage your clients to optimize their SEO for winter and holiday-related keywords. With an appealing discount, you can convince your customers that it’s worth it to hire you to fine-tune their holiday SEO.

6 marketing ideas for freelancers in Q4 2018

As you slide into the last quarter of the financial year, you want to end on a high. Seize the moment on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to market yourself to your clients for last-minute Q4 sales. Preparing a tempting free gift which appeals to your clients will remind them how much value you can bring to their table, and might swing them to hire you for another job before the end of the year.

Here are our six favorite free marketing items for freelancers to send in 2018:

  • A free, downloadable holiday card in one or more designs. Designers and photographers can create cards for various winter holidays, as well as Thank You cards.
  • A downloadable stock image pack. Photographers and graphic designers can offer a set of high-quality, seasonal stock images, icons, or vectors for clients to use in their promotions and marketing.
  • Downloadable digital gift card templates for retailers to use over the holiday season.
  • Marketers, designers, and programmers can provide one or more free email marketing templates, especially if you use seasonal themes.
  • A social media marketing calendar from digital marketers, to help businesses manage their campaigns in the seasonal sales period, will always be appreciated.
  • Code snippets to add seasonal sparkle, a themed frame, or special effects to an online store will look and sound impressive without taking too much of your time.

Whatever you decide to use as a marketing gift, make sure that it:

  • Gives value to your clients
  • Showcases your skills and abilities
  • Is easy to follow with an upsell of more options or other related items

Another excellent marketing strategy is to create an air of exclusivity around the discount offers we’ve suggested above. You could send a special promotional code to your email list or offer a discount link on your Instagram feed.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be big for B2B sales

No matter what your vertical is, there’s a special offer or marketing idea to suit your image and appeal to your clients. When you make the most of our sales bundles and marketing suggestions, you can reel in some last minute, end of year jobs to see you through Q4 in style.

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