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Professional Linguist requests payment from US companies via Payoneer

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
April 7, 2014
As a professional freelancer, you may be working with many different clients around the world. In addition to providing high quality and professional services, you will also need an efficient and low cost way to receive and withdraw your earnings.



One such freelancer is Alejandro, a professional linguist who uses Payoneer to receive his earnings to Argentina. Using Payoneer’s US Payment Request service, Alejandro is able to easily send a request for payment to US companies and receive US bank transfers directly to his Payoneer account. We asked Alejandro to share his Payoneer experience – here’s what he had to say:


I started using Payoneer because it seemed like a serious service since it’s partnered with Mastercard.
Unlike other electronic transfer services, the prepaid card is very versatile- I can use it anywhere in the world! Especially because of my job as a linguist who delivers conferences all around Latin America,  I find using the card at airports and hotels extremely practical. 


What are the benefits of using the US Payment Request service?

The US Payment Service is very convenient for the company I work for as a freelancer, since they can send my earnings to me through ACH transfers online in a matter of seconds. 


Are you satisfied with the updated US Payment  Service?

Yes- I’ve used the US Payment Service payment request not only to request payments for my work but also to receive reimbursements for operative expenses and commuting from the companies I work for. 


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