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How to Make the Most out of Freelance Platforms to Find Work

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
March 31, 2021

You’re officially self-employed…congrats! Now you’re thinking, freelance clients are going to come rushing up to you. Well, not exactly. As a rookie freelancer, finding work may not be as easy as you imagined, but if you put yourself out there and use the right platforms, you’ll be able to monetize your expertise in no time.

Do keep in mind that getting freelance work on a consistent basis includes effort and hard work, but if you utilize the right tools, such as freelance marketplaces, and have the right mindset, you’ll be able to get the work you’ve been waiting for.

In our latest video series, ‘The Freelancer Lounge’, Jon Younger, author of the Forbes blog, Freelance Revolution, shares how to make the most out of freelance platforms in order to find work, and what mistakes to avoid.

Watch the full episode below!

So, should you be utilizing online freelance marketplaces to help find work? Let’s find out.

3 Ways to Make the Most out of Freelance Platforms

What’s great about today’s digital world is that freelancers can work from anywhere in the world with anyone, no matter where they’re based, and freelance platforms help to just that. Today’s online freelance marketplaces help connect businesses and companies who need work done with the right talent that can get that work done.

Here are three ways to maximize today’s leading freelance platforms in order to find more work.

1. Understand the Difference Among Platforms

Before getting started, it’s important that you understand the difference among all the freelance platforms out there. You may already be seeking work on popular platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com as these are some of the larger freelance marketplaces, but because they are home to millions of freelancers around the world, the competition is tighter. If you want your freelance business to stand out on these larger, more popular freelance sites, then you’re going to need to work extremely hard to get noticed.

Perhaps when just starting out, you should consider joining moderately-sized freelance marketplaces that focus on your specific area of specialization instead of jumping into the bigger names like the ones mentioned above. The narrower and more focused the marketplace is, the more opportunities you can receive at the start of your freelance journey. Chances are, you’ll receive more attention on these types of platforms.

2. Select Your Platform Carefully

We can’t stress this enough….do your homework! When searching which freelance platforms to find work on, it’s highly important to find information about the platform and to speak with freelancers who already use it. Connect with your network and see if any of your peers are successful or not with the platform, that way you can set some expectations. Ask a range of people who have been working with the platform so you can get a bigger picture.

In addition, ask yourself if you want to work with a platform that requires you to be more independent when seeking new work opportunities, or do you want to work with a platform that acts as a community in which others can help you and in return, you bring your ideas and help others as well.

3. Help the Platform Work for You

In order to maximize your opportunities, it’s important that you build a strong profile and presence. You must build a network and a reputation outside of the platform where those who are seeking freelancers on the platform will know who you are. Be visible and make sure you’re clear on the value you’re offering. Whether you’re working as a freelancer in the areas of marketing, tech or law, it’s crucial that you’re presenting your business to potential clients clearly. Be clear and transparent about what you offer.

In addition, do you own freelance skills that are so called “hot” and in demand? Make sure you’re promoting all of the skills you own, so that prospects don’t miss anything when looking at your profile. Another important thing to consider is to “hunt in packs”, which means, to work with other freelancers who are interested in finding work together.  You never know who may just be able to help you and why not return the favor?

Work with a Freelance Platform That Suits Your Needs

The great thing about freelancing is that offers you the flexibility of choosing where to find your next job and by knowing how to effectively maximize these job platforms, you’ll get the opportunities you want. First, understand the differences among the platforms out there and what they can offer you, second, select the platform you want to work with carefully and talk to people about their experiences and lastly, make the platform work for you.

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