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How to Get Started Developing Android Apps

Melisa Sukman EpandMelisa Sukman Epand
May 15, 2014

In my previous blog post, I listed 7 useful tips for Apple developers. Android is another huge mobile operating system- with more than 250,000 apps created and used in over 120 countries! You can check out this infographic for more stats, and to read about the evolution of Android.

There is a wide selection of Android app stores where you can upload your apps. I’m sure the first name that pops up is Google Play Store. However, there are others that are worth looking into, such as Amazon App Store, Opera Mobile App Store, Yandex Store, SlideME and Appoke.

If you’re new to developing Android apps and just getting familiar with the Google Play Store, these tips will help you get started:

Cater to several devices

One of the features that sets Android apart from other mobile platforms is the variety of different devices running the mobile operating system. As a developer this is a crucial factor you need to bear in mind when designing your app, taking into account issues such as varying devices speeds, capabilities, screen sizes, etc.

Stick to the guidelines

Google has put together a set of guidelines that every Android developer should follow when creating their apps. The guidelines range from the style, design patterns, and layout of the app.

Before you start designing your apps, make sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

Test Your App

While there are many emulators you can use to test your app, it’s highly advisable to do so on an Android device, as you will have the same experience as an actual app user.

Testing an Android app is fairly easy since Android offers you all the necessary tools for testing- guarantee a successful user experience before uploading it to any store.

Market your app

Once you’ve developed your app, it’s time to launch it to the world. Make sure you leverage Social Media to promote your app as much as possible.

Be proactive and contact App review sites so they can write about your product and help you promote it online.

Help your users out

One of the key to the success of your app is satisfied users and great reviews. One of the ways to achieve this is giving your users quick and efficient support.

Write a simple yet explanatory description to go along with images on the store, and take it an extra step further by setting up an FAQ section to try and cover the most common doubts your users might have. Also, don’t forget to read user reviews and reply with relevant answers that address their concerns.

Check out the following infographic presented by visual.ly- what Android developer category do you fall into?


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