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Q&A – iOS Developer Getting Paid with Payoneer

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
October 25, 2013

We’ve previously reviewed iOS developers and apps that are getting paid with Payoneer, and recently had the opportunity to speak with another – Oleg Brailean and his iOS app TrackChecker.

TrackChecker allows you to track shipments and deliveries from leading carriers worldwide, providing instant access to the latest status and expected shipping dates of all your shipments. We spoke with Oleg about his experience as an iOS developer getting paid with Payoneer, and here’s what he had to say:

How did you hear about Payoneer?

I’ve heard firstly when I have used Payoneer to get money from the service text-link-ads.com. But after the US Payment Service I decided to use Payoneer and receive payments from Apple.

Why did you choose to receive your Apple payments using Payoneer?

  1. I think that Payoneer is reliable service which I have been using for more than 3 years
  2. To get money from ATMs or to use payment with a Mastercard card it is easiest and fastest way for me.

Do you have any suggestions for other iOS developers? 

I believe that its’ very convenient service! I can recommend for using the US Payment to get money for their apps each independent developers under iOS and Android

Additional features of TrackChecker, which is available on the Apple App Store for iPod, iPhone and iPad, include:

  • Currently supports over 350+ delivery providers
  • Check delivery of yours orders from Amazon, eBay and other online shops
  • Checking on several postal services at once (USPS, DHL and others ).
  • Multilanguage user interface (English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and others)

TrackChecker2     TrackChecker3

If you’re an iOS or mobile developer currently receiving payments via Payoneer and would like to share your experience, be sure to contact us at community@payoneer.com.

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