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5 Tips for Building Your Business Plan as a Legal Consultant

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
August 16, 2018

Legal protection is an important business consideration around the world, as many global societies have become very litigious. This need creates a lot of opportunities to earn a strong income as an expert legal consultant.

The following is an overview of strategies and tips for those who have been doing some legal consulting work on the side, and now want to make it a full-time job. Use these insights to create a business plan for your new or expanded freelance legal consulting role.

Conduct a Skills Audit

It is nearly impossible to effectively market yourself as a legal consultant without identifying areas of expertise. Think about the television commercials you see from lawyers pitching themselves to injured workers, people hurt in an accident, those seeking retribution against employers and much more. In the same way, it is important that you determine where your key talents lie.

A skills audit is simply a list of the talents, abilities and expertise that you have to offer potential clients. Even if you have a lengthy list, narrow it down by honing in on your greatest strengths.

Identify Your Target Niche

Leverage your skills audit to identify your target niche. Select industries or prospects types whose needs best align with what you bring to the table.

Build thorough personas that explore the demographic, geographic, firmographic and behavioral traits common among your targeted clients. Doing so brings your business communication strategies into better focus.

Create a Business Website and Online Presence

The digital age has made it possible to operate as a legal consultant to clients around the world. You can communicate remotely through electronic and interactive means. A lot of the people you target explore their problems and potential providers online, and they often start with a search.

You need an online presence that includes a website and social media accounts. Your website is home base; it is where you describe your experiences, expertise and services to prospects. Attach a blog to your site so you can offer insights, tips and resources that demonstrate your expertise and earn search engine referral traffic.

Create social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and other top channels to establish a presence, engage with potential prospects and further project credibility.

Identify Important Business Tools

Your business plan for growth needs to account for increased operating efficiency. Otherwise, you may end up attracting more work than you can effectively service.

Accounting software, promotional tools, scheduling and time management programs, and a payment service are among key business tools to consider. All of these, in one way or another, contribute to efficient and revenue-optimized legal consulting business.

Network and Earn Referrals

Use (and build) your network to expand your reach and earn more referrals. Integrate testimonials into your website and social media messaging. Earn reviews and ratings on Google Reviews, Yelp and other online platforms to offer peer input for prospects to evaluate.

A benefit of LinkedIn is that your connections can endorse you for certain skills and offer personalized recommendations based on their experiences with your business.


Freelancers can take advantage of these strategies and tips to build a strong legal consulting business. Include Payoneer’s effective and affordable payment service as one of your business tools to optimize efficiency and revenue!

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