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How to Use LinkedIn to Attract More Freelance Clients

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
August 21, 2018

LinkedIn may not seem like the first best choice for freelance social media marketing. However, if you haven’t yet discovered this channel’s opportunities, it could be a hidden gem in your efforts to attract more clients.

The following is an overview of strategies and tips to help freelancers across various industries use LinkedIn as part of a promotional strategy.

1. Build a Well-Branded Profile

Your profile on LinkedIn serves a much different purpose than it does on a lot of other social media channels. Your goal is primarily to present yourself as a credible professional to people looking for specific brands or providers. LinkedIn is much more suited for the business audience you target than other channels.

Use your bio to highlight your expertise and experiences. Build a resume that shows off your most impressive work in key areas of interest. Include a professional image to give prospects a personal perspective.

2. Join ProFinder

Searching for freelancers has become so common on LinkedIn that the site provides a specific service that connects freelancers with clients. In ProFinder, those seeking freelancers list available work. Then, freelancers can access projects that match their skills and submit proposals.

You can pitch your services ten times for free, but after that, you must pay $59.99 per month to continue to utilize the platform. Save 25 percent on platform costs by paying on an annual basis.

3. Earn Endorsements from Clients

Online reviews and peer input have become integral to buyer decision-making in the digital age. Company representatives want to see what previous clients think about the work that you’ve performed in the past.

LinkedIn’s endorsement features are a perfect fit for this promotional element. Your clients can endorse you for particular skills and can provide copy-based reviews of your work. Potential clients see these items when reviewing your profile page. Take a proactive approach by asking satisfied customers to endorse you on the platform.

4. Add Work Samples to Your Profile

Realizing that connecting clients to providers is a key part of what they offer, LinkedIn now allows you to add work samples to your profile page. Placing samples on your LinkedIn page, along with your website portfolio, simplifies access for prospects. It takes out an extra step involved to see what you can do.

Work samples are an important demonstration piece that helps earn business. Prior to committing to a longer-term relationship with providers, some clients ask you to deliver a work sample upfront. Having these types of examples on your profile page may alleviate the need for you to create one before earning the work.

5. Conclusion

These are some of the most advanced ways that top freelancers use LinkedIn to attract more clients. If you use these features and tools effectively, you may earn enough business that you don’t have to spend much time on other promotional strategies.

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