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5 Side Hustles Freelance Writers Can do For Some Extra Cash

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
September 7, 2017

We’re always telling ourselves that we’re ready to make more money, or open a side business. Whether this desire derives from wanting to quickly rid yourself of student loans, pay off your credit card debt faster, or save toward a house or that trip abroad you’ve been dreaming about, a side hustle is a sure-shot to making these goals into reality.

Sure, most of us could technically get a part-time job doing just about anything, but my focus here is to deviate from just that, and to provide you with more entrepreneurial endeavors you could get involved in. That means that you’d get to be your own boss, and do jobs in which you have almost complete control (aside from what a client needs and by when). You get to decide how much to charge, as opposed to settle for some measly hourly wage that most people end up resorting to.

freelancing-extra cash

Freelance writing has its highs and lows, as does any freelance gig: sometimes projects are coming in day and night, sometimes it’s tumbleweeds and desert silence. You might be looking for a way to mix it up or grow your portfolio without sacrificing your income. Check out these options as solid options with which to begin your side hustle:

Write blogs

If you can create content that’s interesting, and really gets audiences engaged, then blog post writing could definitely be for you. If you’ve never done something like this before, just be sure to build a small portfolio, so that you have something to show to potential clients. Content sites are great to start with, even if the pay is rather low in the beginning. In addition, begin writing and maintaining a blog of your own to keep your name out there, and to get writing practice in as much as possible.

Then, you can begin pitching your services, and to make your life even easier, simply google lists of blogs that pay for writers, and start targeting a certain audience to keep your client search more focused. Never forget to read the guidelines, and always do research on prospects you plan to pitch to.

Create a copywriting package

Some content and blog writers can copywrite, and some cannot, as it’s a rather different skill. However, if you’ve mastered it it can make you some pretty serious bank, especially in the advertising industry, or at any big company/firm.  Once you’ve learn how to write clean copy for content channels like blogs and websites, becoming a copywriter is an easy, and rather rational step. There’s no need to wait for years to begin copywriting,  though. Just like all freelance jobs, there are plenty of websites you can exhaust in order to land your next copywriting gig. Any and everything you can imagine is in need of copywriting- from PR materials, to the launch of new products.


Some people are just really into grammar, and that doesn’t mean that they love it, but that they’re really good at it. If you’re one of those people, don’t hesitate for a second when it comes to doing some editing and/or proofreading on the side. Authors, content writers, etc. will sometimes pay top dollar for someone to go over and proofread their work before submitting, or even publishing it. The biggest bonus about side hustling as an editor, is that it’s usually pretty flexible, which allows you to work from wherever, whenever you want, and if you really want to, you can usually proofread content in your PJs while sipping your morning cup of joe.

Offer calligraphy or lettering

Does your love of words extend to handwriting? Has it ever crossed your mind to take a course in the art of creating the perfect font for every possible event or purpose? If the answer is yes, then calligraphy is “write” up your alley.

You can turn stunning, intricate handwriting into money simply by offering freelance calligraphy services, or even better: classes. The most common form of calligraphy for weddings are usually used on envelopes, signs, engagement photos, etc, but you could also segway into other categories like baby showers, and other milestones of people’s lives that they want to cherish. The most experienced calligraphers recommend practicing on a regular basis to maintain the skills of the crafts, while also investing in the best possible tools to do the work itself, as well as to never stop learning by taking courses on different types of calligraphy. Best part? Once you get traction, Instagram will be your best friend for free marketing opportunities.

Write and sell eBooks

I feel like most of us know about something enough to write about it however quirky it may be. Writing an eBook or eGuide can help us establish ourselves as experts in our field. Most authors recommend that ebooks be around 20,000 words in length, although there are several ones that are even shorter than that. The whole concept sounds a lot harder than it really is. Start by simply outlining your ideas, and continue to brainstorm, which will help you fill in sections that need more details. If you are already a regular blogger on a certain subject, it is beyond possible that you could turn your knowledge into an ebook.

When everything is done, and you’d like to sell your ebook, just do your research, and ultiately decide whether you’d prefer to sell it privately through your own site, or through a platform that takes commission, such as Apple’s iBooks, or Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. See? It’s not so bad.

All in all, whatever it is that you’re thinking of doing to make some extra cash on the side, make sure that there is a need for it. The previously mentioned examples are only five of literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of ideas, needs, and niches that can be broadened, which will not only help you land a consistent side hustle, but will also keep your clients happy, as well.

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