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Get Ahead of The Game with TextMaster!

Leann ZatlaviLeann Zatlavi
February 13, 2018

Being a freelance translator has many advantages, but one of the most challenging aspects is ensuring you have a regular stream of jobs. Finding a reliable, high-quality platform makes this crucial task that much easier, which is why many translators are turning to TextMaster.

What is TextMaster?

Created in 2011, TextMaster has become the leading professional translation service available entirely online. By combining advanced technology with a network of certified translators in over 50 languages, TextMaster already has over 10,000 clients in more than 50 countries.

If you are a freelance translator or copywriter who enjoys working autonomously, then TextMaster is the perfect partner for you. TextMaster translators are specialized in fields such as law, e-commerce, and fashion. However, many translators and copywriters start off working with the company as new graduates and become specialized as they work, so if you currently don’t have a particular genre – don’t be put off from applying.

How is TextMaster Different?

TextMaster distinguishes itself in several ways. These include: 

  • A network of native freelance translators/copywriters. All freelancers have to pass rigorous quality tests in order to work on the platform, ensuring a high standard is maintained.
  • The company has developed its’ own CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool which is regularly improved by taking into account translators’ feedback. Working with several integrations also allows translations to be directly sent from e-commerce websites to TextMaster’s platform.
  • Proprietary translation management system. The management system used by TextMaster is at the heart of every project and is an essential tool for translators, clients, and even project managers. Working with TextMaster allows you to easily manage your payments and purchase orders, while also connecting easily with clients and the TextMaster team.

The benefits of TextMaster for a freelance translator

Connecting with quality customers is a major benefit of TextMaster, but there are several other advantages, such as:

  • Working with professionals. The TextMaster team of projects managers are former freelance translators themselves, who recognize the issues you face, plus understand your industry. The language managers, who proofread your work, are also native professionals who are happy to discuss views on translation.
  • Being as autonomous as possible. With TextMaster, you can work 24/7 without needing the intervention of a project manager. Contact the client directly and deliver your work whenever is suitable to both you and the client. If you have any questions TextMaster have an experienced team on hand to help.
  • Using the best technologies on the market. There’s no need for translators to have to undertake any desktop publishing or worry about the conversion of files; TextMaster takes care of everything, making sure source files are useable, with all segmentations verified.
  • Accessing interesting projects in various domains. With clients in a very wide range of fields (from eshops to law firms to finance departments), finding projects to suit is easy. Plus, TextMaster check that deadlines are always fair and realistic, so you are never overwhelmed.

Who is TextMaster for?

Translators in all languages are in demand – in particular European languages such as English, German, French and Dutch have always been very popular on TextMaster. Following recent expansion, there is also more and more demand for Russian and Asian languages. Translators from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) are also always welcome to register on the platform.

Popular industries include luxury goods, fashion, travel and e-commerce more specialized projects such as financial and legal documents are expected to rise significantly. However, you can also learn while you work so a specialism is not compulsory.

As videos have become more and more popular, TextMaster has also recently launched a new tool for subtitling videos and films called Subtitly, which is looking likely to increase in demand.

Getting started with TextMaster

Getting started is simple – the first step is to register on TextMaster. Select your native language and whether you are a professional translator or a semi-professional (i.e. translation is not your main occupation). Including your interests and areas of expertise will help determine what kind of projects suit you best.

Once your registration is complete, TextMaster’s Talent Manager will analyze your profile and invite you to undertake a test aimed at your specifications. Your test will be evaluated by native professional proofreaders who provide detailed feedback for each applicant. Once you have passed the test, you can take a project on the platform at any time. You can choose to do as much or as little as suits your needs.

Getting paid from TextMaster

One of the most important aspects of any job platform is how freelancers get paid. With TextMaster, it’s simple and straightforward. TextMaster allows you to withdraw your money 7 to 14 days after you deliver a project. When you’re notified that you have received your payment in your TextMaster wallet, you can make a transfer to your Payoneer account. In this way, your account is secured, and all payments are protected, regardless of where you work, or where your clients are based.

Future security with TextMaster

As freelance platforms come and go, working with a stable partner is important for your job security. TextMaster predicts their platform will be the only tool that clients and translators will need to translate and manage their projects. With an IT team working hard to improve the platform and make it as user-friendly as possible, they will continue to create a system that meets their clients’ and translators’ needs.

As a translator, you will be able to upload your own translation memories or glossaries in years to come and make efficient terminology searches directly on TextMaster. The company has many ideas planned for the future which they will continue to work on, aiming to make the platform the favorite tool for translators.

Industry future

As a freelance translator, you’re in a good place. TextMaster believes that synergy between technology and professional translators is the key to optimizing efficiency and ensuring high quality. Solutions like automatic translation need to be taken seriously, and therefore learning how to use and maximize these technologies is crucial.

These advances present an opportunity that will be seized by professionals in the translation industry. As a TextMaster translator, you are already best placed to welcome these advancements. Get ahead of the game and start your future today with TextMaster.

Get started with TextMaster today!

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