Attracting Foreign Clients to Your BPO Agency (Webinar)

Kareen Friedman
Kareen Friedman
April 17, 2019

Payoneer recently hosted a live webinar from the Philippines on the topic of Attracting Foreign Clients to Your BPO Agency.

Payoneer’s Miguel Warren and founder of Outsource Accelerator, Derek Gallimore discussed the BPO industry (business process outsourcing) and the idea of creating a one world marketplace by outsourcing.


Gallimore describes how millions of SMBs around the world are growing at a fast pace and that outsourcing services are in high demand. By 2030, more than 30 million global jobs will be generated. As our economy continues to move towards work that relies on software and apps, more work will be done online and remotely, increasing cross-border employment.

Below are some key takeaways from the webinar.

  1. Rapid Globalization – Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and globalization has given us the ability to create a one world market. No borders, no limits, just one global network.
  2. SMBs are the future – Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up around 95% of companies globally and 60% of the current workforce. SMBs have become increasingly focused on outsourcing high-value work processes, seeking colleagues of all professions, not just drones.
  3. Go Digital – The outsourcing industry consists of customers all over the world, meaning your business needs to be completely digitally savvy, more than most industries. Building a strong digital presence is significant for success and gaining new clients.

To learn more about how to attract foreign clients to your BPO agency, watch our webinar today!