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ANNA Money Payoneer

Payoneer Partners with ANNA to Bring AI to B2B International Payments

Guest PostGuest Post
April 30, 2020

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Lily Smith, freelance writer at ANNA

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with UK business account app ANNA to bring their expertise in artificial intelligence to the world of international payments. 

ANNA is a business account and tax app for small businesses. Founded in 2018, the app consists of a chat-based interface that combines AI with an always-on customer service team.

ANNA Money Payoneer

What does that mean? You chat to ANNA to set up payments, create invoices and have your business admin questions answered. It has powerful image processing software that recognizes and reads customers invoices and receipts, so it can accurately estimate tax bills. The AI is quick, responsive and helpful — it handles over 40% of customer requests and has led 20% of ANNA users to open their account in less than 5 minutes. In fact, the record is 2.19 minutes. How’s that for a fast sign up?

The partnership will allow ANNA customers, who are SMBs and freelancers, to use the chat function and AI capabilities to receive international payments in GBP, USD or EUR into their ANNA account. Users will get receiving account details in these currencies that act like local bank accounts. They can then share these account details with customers, be notified of a loaded payment, view balances, be told the exchange rate and initiate withdrawals — all via the AI chat function. The payment is then settled real time.

If you have an issue that AI can’t resolve, ANNA has a 24/7 customer service team ready to be contacted within the chat interface. Not only are they speedy, but they’re very, very good. On average they pick up a new query within 30 seconds, and only take another 30 seconds to provide an answer. As one happy customer put it: “It’s like a personal banker on the end of the phone.”

The AI provides speed and organization. The people answer the tricky questions. It’s a combination that won ANNA the 2020 FStech award for Best Customer Experience, and it’s something we’re very pleased to bring to Payoneer for the very first time.

How it works 

Connecting your Payoneer account to your ANNA account is easy and secure. Once you’ve signed up to ANNA, just open the chat, and tell ANNA you want to receive international payments. ANNA will direct you to Payoneer.

Sign in to your account and you can then start receiving international payments in GBP, USD and EUR simply and securely into your ANNA account! You’ll also be able to transfer your US dollars and Euros across from your international account to your GBP ANNA account at a competitive 1% exchange rate. 

ANNA bank account

Connect your accounts and get £25 FREE

ANNA is offering Payoneer customers 3 months free and a £25 deposit match, when £25 is deposited into their ANNA account.

Get a business current account in minutes

Take a load off in 2020 with ANNA, the business account that does your financial admin.

  • Set up in minutes with your passport or driver’s license 
  • Direct debits and team debit cards
  • Invoices automatically created, sent and chased 
  • Your business expenses snapped and sorted

Try ANNA free for 3 months! 

Sign up


Lily Smith ANNA Lily Smith is a National Film and Television School trained writer, currently freelancing at ANNA Money. She’s collaborated with remarkable, inspiring people and together they’ve won Gold Lions, D&ADs, and secured $9M in Google Ventures funding.

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