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Make your money go further: Add funds to your Payoneer account

Susannah RyanSusannah Ryan
December 5, 2023

At Payoneer, we’re all about championing business growth.  

And we know that to grow, you need to order inventory, buy services, and pay employees and contractors around the world. 

Up until now, you’ve had to rely on having earnings in your Payoneer account to make payments with us.  

But now, you can bring in funds to your Payoneer account another way — via your bank account.  

This is exciting because it means you can make your money work harder for you! Enjoy all the benefits of paying with Payoneer — faster, cheaper, easily trackable, more flexible — with more of your money.  

By adding funds from your bank account, you can turn your Payoneer account into an even more powerful tool for managing your business payments and expenses. 

Let’s break down what this means for you: 

Pay suppliers, freelancers, contractors and consultants 

Now you can add funds to your Payoneer account, you can rely on it to pay all your payees, either on-the-go (including within the app) or scheduled in advance. You can even make batch payments (up to 1000 at a time). It’s so easy and convenient to make these payments with Payoneer, you’ll wonder how you managed before. 

Always have the currency you need, when you need it 

Traditional banks charge hefty fees for currency conversions. By adding funds to your Payoneer account balance, you can easily convert at competitive rates with zero hassle. It’s what we’re here for.  

Earn cashback on purchases with the Payoneer card 

Pay for expenses like digital advertising, subscriptions and supplies, and earn cashback as you spend. Now that you can add funds to your account and pay for more with your Payoneer card, the cashback will soon add up!  

“We rely on Payoneer as our primary platform for disbursing service fees over 3000 Cyberbackers in the Philippines. Through the Add Funds feature, we gain greater flexibility not only in determining the required amount of funds but also in managing the timing of deposits into our Payoneer account, ensuring they align seamlessly with our service fee payout schedule.” 

— Shiela Empleo-Legaspi President, Cyberbacker

Charge up your business payments with Payoneer  

In this global economy, it’s essential to have tools that not only keep up but also help you stay ahead. As champions of cross-border business, we’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs around the world take control of their finances. 

By adding funds to your Payoneer account through your bank, you’re opening the door to a world of possibilities that traditional banks just can’t match. Embrace the power of Payoneer and unlock new opportunities for your business’s growth and financial success. It’s time to transform your Payoneer account into a more powerful financial tool and watch your business thrive. 

Launching January 2024.

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