New! Attach invoices, contracts and more when you request a payment

Whether your clients are around the corner or 5 time-zones away, billing them and receiving payments has never been easier. Payoneer’s Billing Service enables freelancers, contractors and professionals to send out payment requests for work completed. The clients can then choose to pay via payment options, including credit/debit card, eCheck and local bank transfer (via the Global Payment Service). It’s a great solution for all parties.

We’re excited to announce some new features that are now available for Payoneer users using the Billing Service! We aim to make this service as easy and functional as possible for both users and their clients, and are constantly working to improve the experience for everyone.


You can now add an attachment to your request for payment. Here are some examples of files you might want to attach:

  • All professionals: invoices, contracts, timesheets, product photos, shipping details, etc
  • Designers: design files pertaining to the payment request
  • Translators/writers: documents you have created for the project

And many more! Here’s how to attach a file to your payment request:

1. Log in to My Account to Request a Payment.

2. The Request a Payment window will open, where you will need to fill out the details. You’ll notice a new field under Payment Details, which allows you to upload files. Click on it and a file navigator will load.


You can add a description to the file, to let the receiver know what the file contains.

NOTE: You can attach up to 5 files to send with your payment request, with a max file size of 10MB. Supported file formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, XLS, XLSX.

And how does it look on the client’s side?

The client receives the payment request as usual, with the attached files available for download:


Can I access the attachment later?

Of course. On the Activity Menu, select Manage Payment Requests. Then, select the specific Payment Request you’d like to view.


Click on Attachments, and you’ll see what was included in the Payment Request. You can even download the attachments from here.


Direct links to payment requests

Would you rather send your clients a direct link to the payment request? This feature is also available now. If you have an established personal relationship with your client and would prefer to send them the request yourself, all you have to do is copy it and send it via email, message or text to allow them to directly access the payment request.

After sending the request, the following window will appear:


Click on “a direct link to complete this payment”.


The direct link appears at the bottom, and you can copy and paste it to send to your contact.

Making payments easier for your clients

As always, your clients will enjoy multiple payment options for fulfilling your payment requests: via credit card, eCheck or bank transfer. What’s more, the eCheck limit has been raised to $10,000 – making it easier for payers to close out large invoices at once.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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