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Get paid directly to your local bank account from companies worldwide

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton
August 9, 2011

: Please scroll down for the update

Hi everyone!

Several months ago, we beta-launched a new service where, instead of receiving payments to their Mastercard cards, our payees could receive their payments directly to their bank accounts.

We are very happy to say that this new service is going really well and is now open in 30 countries worldwide (listed below)! Additionally, within the next couple of weeks, we will be opening this service to the rest of the world.

The Global Bank Transfer Service costs either $5.95 or $9.95 depending on the country you live in. It is currently available for several of our partners, but new partners are adding this service every week, and hopefully everyone will soon.

If you are signing up for a new Payoneer account, when you choose Payoneer as your payment option, you will see two choices:

1) Sign up for the Payoneer Mastercard

2) Sign up for Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer Service

Just choose your country from the the bank transfer drop down list, click continue, enter the information requested, and you’re done! Payments are sent via US direct deposit, local bank transfer, or wire transfer (depending on your country).

You can view a full list of the countries currently open for our Global Bank Transfer Service by clicking here.


What do you think about this new service? What other services would you like Payoneer to implement? Let us know in the comments.


UPDATE: Please note that while Payoneer only charges the flat fee of $5.95 or $9.95 depending on your country, your local bank may also charge you a fee.

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