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JC and Payoneer

Using JazzCash to receive payments with Payoneer just got even better!

Nidara RasoolNidara Rasool
June 22, 2023

If you’re a freelancer based in Pakistan, its quite possible you’re using the JazzCash app, right?
And if you’re already a Payoneer customer, you may well have connected your JazzCash account to your Payoneer account to make managing your business payments easy.

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now use ‘Request a Payment’ directly from within the Jazz Cash app!

What is ‘Request a Payment’?

‘Request a Payment’ is a way to raise a payment request with your clients and helps freelancers grow their business as it gives your clients multple ways to pay you such as:

  • Payment via credit card or debit card.
  • Payment via local bank transfer or ACH debit at no cost to your client.
  • Pay you via e-check

All your client needs to do is open the ‘request a payment’ link that you send them, enter their information to pay you, and that’s it!

Sounds exciting, right?

Opting in is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Jazz Cash App and open Payoneer (make sure you have linked your Payoneer account with your Jazz Cash app)
  2. Select Request a Payment as shown below.Jazzcash and Payoneer
  3. You will then be shown the following screen. Click on ‘send email’ and immediately check your email for additional verification requirement. Submit those documents as soon as possible.

Jazzcash and Payoneer   

4. Select request a payment to initiate your first payment request. Congratulations, your business is now fully open to a world of opportunities!

Jazzcash and Payoneer   

5. Select Payer Type. You can bill either a company or an individual.

6. Congratulations, your first request has been successfully sent!

7. You can always track your payment status from the ‘Track Request’ tab, as shown below.

Jazzcash and Payoneer

8. Once a payer has been set up, you will only be sending the invoice information, as shown below.

Jazzcash and Payoneer

9. Pending requests can also be cancelled by clicking on the request and cancelling it. After completion of a successful payment request you can always view its receipt for record keeping purposes.

Jazzcash and Payoneer

10. After completion of a successful payment request you can always view its receipt for record keeping purposes. The receipt will pop up and show the main details like Request ID, Date, amount and exchange rate applied.

11. You are now all set!

To learn more about how to use JazzCash with Payoneer, take a listen to the guru of freelancing, Hisham Sarwar, who will explain more about the process:

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Who is eligible to use this service?
    Anyone with Jazz Cash and a Payoneer account is eligible to use this service.
  1. What is the maximum amount I can request?
    Credit Card: Max limit: 15K USD Per transaction and per day limit $50k.
    ACH Debit:   Per day limit 20K USD max limit $200K per day
  1. When will the client amount reflect in my Payoneer account?
    Credit Card: 2 Working Days
    ACH Debit/local bank transfer: 5 Working Days
  1. Are there any verification requirements?
    Yes, you will be required to check your verification center to submit a business questionnaire. In your business questionnaire, share your business details/freelancer profile details as accurately and in detail as possible. Explain the services you provide, marketplaces you work on, the age of your freelancing profile, where your clients are based etc.
    Make sure the website/profile you provide as evidence clearly shows the services you provide.


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